Infrared bathroom heaters: Why you should use them and what is the right type for your bathroom


Infrared bathroom heaters provide a spa-like climate and are space- and energy-saving. But which infrared heaters are suitable for your bathroom? What are their advantages and how do you actually dimension infrared bathroom heaters? Read here everything you need to know about how to correctly use infrared bathroom heaters. Whether as supplementary or main heating, infrared bathroom heaters create the perfect wellness oasis in your home!

6 reasons why you should use infrared bathroom heaters

1. Space saving: With various design and mounting options of infrared panel heaters they discreetly integrate into every bathroom. Mirror and glass heaters with towel rails fulfill dual functions and look elegant in every bathroom. Infrared ceiling heaters with their white design are almost invisible and perfect for small bathrooms with no wall space.

2. Mold prevention: Particularly in wet rooms such as bathrooms mold on the walls is pretty common. Connection heaters warm up the air and leave the walls cold making them useless for mold prevention. Infrared panel heaters heat up and dry the walls instead of the air making them the perfect tool for mold prevention.

3. Easy installation: Infrared heaters are very easy to install and since installation is not permanent can easily be packed up and taken with you when moving. Thanks to the plug & play principle and infrared heater can be mounted within 15min without complicated tools or the help of a specialist.

4. Wellness feeling: Infrared C radiation heats objects and bodies in a room directly without heating up and drying out the air. Absorbing the heat into the skin, which feels like warm sun rays on a spring day is particularly relaxing incredibly comforting.

5. Energy-saving:  Infrared radiators consume little power compared to other electric heaters and can through its ability to exactly control the temperature with advanced thermostats it even uses less energy than many other heating systems. By heating up objects in a room instead of the air there is only a minimal heat loss when you air the room.

6. No maintenance: An infrared heater requires no maintenance and thus no additional annual costs for a heating plumber.

Infrared Mirror heater, infrared towel heater or infrared ceiling heater?

Sundirect offers three different variants of infrared bathroom heaters. Infrared mirror heaters are particularly practical combining design with functionality. Since infrared mirror heaters are virtually impossible to recognize as heaters they are the perfect solution for small bathrooms. They can be optionally equipped with towel rails. Another advantage: Mirror heaters don’t steam up and you’ll always have a clear view when the heater is switched on.

Our glass infrared towel heater is the second variant also combining design and functionality. Sundirect’s infrared glass heater is available in white and black and can be optionally equipped with one or two towel rails. Who doesn’t love preheated towels or cosy warm socks on a cold winter day?

For very small bathrooms with no available space on walls, we recommend opting for infrared ceiling heaters. Especially our white PE-Plus and IC-Plus series are suitable for ceiling installation. Both series can be installed discreetly on the ceiling ensuring an even radiant heat throughout the room.

Infrared bathroom heater as supplementary heating source

If you already have an existing heater in the bathroom but are looking for a more cost-effective solution during autumn and spring or if your heating is not powerful enough a bathroom infrared heater will be ideal for you. You can use the heater for short periods of time without having to fire up the heating system for the whole house saving you quite a bit of energy. Using a mirror heater or towel heater will also integrate perfectly into your bathroom design.

Infrared bathroom heater as main heating system

Using infrared bathroom heaters is becoming more and more popular due to its energy saving properties but also due to the healthy and comfortable room climate infrared-C rays provides. Conventional connection heaters heat up the air causing it to circulate and rise to the ceiling. Infrared heaters instead heat up your body evenly.

Infrared bathroom heaters: How many Watts are necessary?

In bathrooms, about 4 degrees above norm temperature is perceived as pleasant indoor climate. Accordingly, you should dimension your bathroom infrared mirror heater larger than infrared panel heaters for living areas. Simply use our heating calculator and multiply the result by 1.3 to get the ideal size for your bathroom.

What to consider when installing an infrared bathroom heater

The installation of infrared bathroom heaters is pretty simple. You can find an installation video that shows just how easy it is to install our frameless heaters, mirror heaters and glass heaters here.

Always use an infrared heater with a thermostat to optimise power consumption. You will have the choice between different Sundirect thermostats according to your needs. The plug-in thermostat is the easiest and fastest way to install an infrared heater without needing an electrician for any wiring. If you want to hide the cables you can choose a thermostat that directly connects to your wiring and conceals all cables in the wall. Since this is an electrical installation it must be done by a qualified electrician.

The ideal position of the heater should be so that it points to you when you leave the shower for instance. Sundirect infrared heaters have IP44 protection and are therefore safe to use in areas with splash water. Since this is an electrical appliance though we urge you to be careful and especially if you have children not to install the heater above the bathtub. Always maintain a safe distance to any water containers and in case of doubt seek advice from one of our authorized dealers. Also, make sure not to install your infrared bathroom heater opposite a window as glass cannot store heat very well. The distance between the area you want to be heated and the heater should be not more than 3 meters.

Energy consumption of infrared bathroom heaters

The power consumption of infrared heaters is particularly favorable. For a 7sqm bathroom, you may have a 500W mirror heater installed. At an electricity price of 0.25€/kWh, the consumption cost will be 12.5cents/working hour. Probably you will run the heater for approximately 4h a day, resulting in 0.5€ cost per day.

Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with a Sundirect dealer that will give you a free consultation and offer for our infrared dealers.

Sundirect_TeamInfrared bathroom heaters: Why you should use them and what is the right type for your bathroom


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  • Judith Novakowski - September 9, 2020

    Do you have a dealer in Canada?

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