Where can I find a Sundirect infrared installer?

Sundirect infrared is widely available through official Sundirect distributors and resellers globally. Please visit our Dealer section to get their contact information.

Can I burn myself by touching a heated panel?

No. SUNDIRECT infrared panel heaters operate at very low temperatures, with surface temperatures ranging between 80°C and 90°C. The fact that it’s a different kind of heat ensures that you cannot burn your skin by touching it. After touching the hot surface, you would naturally pull away. Our space and outdoor heaters need to be mounted in high positions where they can’t be touched.

Can far-infrared radiation become potentially dangerous?

No. Far infrared radiation benefits human health in a positive way. Several studies have shown that far infrared is beneficial when treating health issues such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Which quality and safety standards does a Sundirect heater apply?

Sundirect works closely with the German lab TUV to meet all necessary safety requirements. All SUNDIRECT panel heaters are produced according to the highest quality standards of CE, GS, RoHS, and REACH.

What are the operating costs compared to conventional heating systems?

SUNDIRECT heaters are considered to be the most economical heating systems available. The operating and installation costs are significantly lower compared to conventional heating systems. They are very easy to install and maintenance-free, resulting in further savings. For exact pricing details, please contact our local dealers.

What is the lifespan of a SUNDIRECT heating system?

Under normal conditions, a SUNDIRECT heater has a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours.

Which areas can I use my Sundirect infrared heater in?

Sundirect offers a wide range of infrared panel heaters for both indoor and outdoor use. The OC and OC-Pro series are designed for outdoor heating. The SC-Plus series is designed for spot heating of large spaces or outdoor areas with shelter. The rest of the Sundirect models are designed for indoor use only.

Which Sundirect infrared heaters can be used to heat my bathroom?

In general, a bathroom heater needs to be water-resistant with a rating of IP44. Sundirect offers a variety of choices for bathroom heating, including infrared towel heaters (TH and TH-Pro range), infrared glass heaters (GD-Plus), infrared mirror heaters (MD-Plus), and infrared lighting mirrors (LM-Pro) series.

How do I know which size to choose?

Please consider 100 Watts per 1.5 – 2 square meters of floor area as a rough estimation. For more precise calculations, please use our online heating calculator.

Is it complicated to install a Sundirect infrared heater?

Sundirect infrared heaters are designed for easy installation. They are very easy to install. The panel comes with clear installation instructions: simply drill holes in the wall or ceiling, install the bracket, and mount the panel to finish.

I just want to heat my space with a portable heater but not the entire room; which heater in your range is suitable?

You can choose the Footwarmer220-Pro, which is designed to warm your feet with minimum power consumption. We also have the Tower-Pro, which is the most stylish portable heater you can find on the market. The Hybrid-Pro panel also comes with feet stands for portable usage.

I would like to heat my towel with a Sundirect heater; which model should I choose?

The TH and TH-Pro series are Wi-Fi controllable infrared towel heaters; they have glass surfaces with stainless steel towel rails as accessories. TH400 comes with two towel rails and TH600-Pro comes with one towel rail in the package. However, you can still order extra towel rails as accessories. The Stone800-Pro can also be used as a stylish towel heater; you can order the Stone800-Pro and up to three towel rails as a package.

How many thermostats and Plus panels can work together?

Normally, one smart thermostat can work with a maximum of 10 Plus infrared panels. Please make sure the thermostat and the panels are in the same room.

What’s the difference between Smart2.0/Smart2.0Pro and Smartplug?

Smart2.0 is a battery backup thermostat, Smart2.0Pro is a Wi-Fi thermostat, and Smartplug is a plug-in version Wi-Fi thermostat. All of them can wirelessly control Plus panels. However, Smart2.0 is not Wi-Fi enabled and cannot be voice-controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant.

Which heater in your range can be controlled by Alexa and Google Home?

All Sundirect Wi-Fi enabled heaters have the voice control option.