What are real infrared heaters according to DIN-EN IEC 60675-3?

IEC60675-3 is a new standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission that defines the criteria for measuring the radiation efficiency of direct electric heaters and how high it must be to be considered real infrared heaters.

According to Dr. Ing. Peter Kosack, Leitfaden Infrarotheizung, radiation efficiency indicates how much of the supplied electrical power is transmitted as infrared radiation to the room’s surfaces, and it is the most important quality feature. The minimum value to be achieved is 40 percent. Once this threshold is reached, the heat output transferred by infrared radiation outweighs that of each of the other two types of heat transfer, i.e. both convection and heat conduction.

Sundirect collaborated with TU Dresden to measure the radiation efficiency according to the IEC60675-3 standard this past March. The radiation efficiency achieved was 70.8% installed on the ceiling, which by far exceeded the minimum requirements stated by the IEC60675-3 standard.

Radiation efficiency is one of the most important quality characteristics of infrared heaters, and Sundirect is proud of the exceptional performance of our infrared panels in this test, proving once again the quality of our products.


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