Sundirect Heating Calculator

Heating calculator for your Sundirect infrared heating system

Thank you for using our Sundirect heating calculation system. Please follow our guidelines below to optimize your results. Every calculation needs to be done room by room. Unit of power needed is in Watt.



Additional information regarding infrared panel heater installation:
1. Always round up the required power requirement, it is better to use a little more power than less.
2. For optimal energy savings always consider using a thermostat
3. Make sure the area which is to be heated is within range of approximately 3m of the panel.
For high ceilings consider using our BC002 cailing mounting solution to hang down the
4. Consider about 4 degrees less compared to convection heaters when setting the desired room
temperature, we suggest around 18 degrees.
5. When using our infrared heating system for the first time use the heaters without a
thermostat for the first 3 days. This ups the effectiveness of the system drastically.
6. We thorougly recommend checking your insulation and draught standards before using our system to optimize its effectiveness.

All information and advice provided by our calculation tool serves as a general guideline only.

sundirectHeating calculator