OC-series – Outdoor Infrared Heater

The OC-series represents powerful outdoor heaters offered exclusively by Sundirect and is designed for outdoor heating only. It offers more power and concentrated heating compared to our hybrid Space Heater SC-series, making it perfectly suitable for windy uncovered outdoor areas. The OC-series is rated IP65, making it waterproof and usable for most outdoor applications.

Its unique ultra low light carbon fibre heating element is the key difference compared to existing outdoor heaters on the market using mostly halogen or quartz. This grants a longer lifespan and higher energy efficiency. The OC Series emits long wave infrared (300- 350W) creating a light glow and cosy warmth rather than heat.

The integrated control system allows operation of 2 power levels using a simple remote control. All OC heaters come with a 3-year warranty.



  • Ultra low light carbon fibre heating element creating minimal glow
  • Remote control with 2 power levels
  • Heats quicker and reaches longer distances
  • CE, RoHS, IP65

Model Range

ModelSizePowerMountingHeated Area

sundirectOutdoor Infrared Heater – OC Series