Smart Infrared Space Heater – SC-PLUS Series

Sundirect’s SC-Plus series is an upgraded version of the space heaters of the SC series. The major advantage of the SC-Plus series is the control system. SC-Plus is equipped with a built-in thermostat receiver on the backside of the heater and can be wirelessly controlled with the Sundirect smart thermostats including Smart1.0, Smart1.0Pro, and SmartPlug. A bypass function of the SC-Plus models allows you to connect them to any kind of smart heating control system with no problem.

SC-Plus has a flat surface, which offers a more simple and modern design. Its high-temperature iron chromium aluminium emitter operates at a surface temperature of 300-350°C. Its infrared rays can reach a distance of up to 4m. The SC series does not emit any glow, it is maintenance free, and it is the ideal solution to replace quartz and halogen heaters.

All controls are covered with a 2-year warranty and the heaters with a 5-year warranty.


  • Ideal heating solution for space and commercial heating needs
  • Wall/ceiling mounting
  • No red glow
  • Built-in thermostat receiver
  • CE, RoHS, IP44

The SC-Plus series will be available from our Innsbruck warehouse from December.

Built-in Thermostat Receiver

Sundirect SC-Plus series has a built-in thermostat receiver on the backside, which communicates with our Smart heating control systems – Smart1.0/ Smart1.0 Pro and SmartPlug. As a combo, it is fully compliant with the ErP regulation (Eco Design directive) of the EU. We also offer a bypass mode on our receiver, which allows you to connect to your own building management systems if available.

Learn more about the ErP regulation

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Model Range

Model Size Weight Power Mounting Heated Area
SC1800-Plus 125x15x7cm 7kg 1800W Wall/Ceiling 8-12m²
SC2400-Plus 155x15x7cm 9kg 2400W Wall/Ceiling 13-18m²

SundirectSC-PLUS Series – Smart Infrared Space Heater