Infrared Panel Heater Accessories

BS002 – Ceiling Mounting Cables

Using the ceiling mounting cables BC002 enables you to hang the infrared panel of the PE-Plus series up to 1m below the ceiling. It’s the perfect solution for areas which require the panel to be in a lower position or rooms with high ceilings.

BC004/BC005 – Ceiling Mounting Bracket

The ceiling mounting brackets BC004/BC005 guarantee easy installation for PE-Plus infrared panels on the ceiling. It allows you to mount the panel as close to the ceiling as possible. Use BC004 for PE350/PE540/ PE700/PE1000-Plus and BC005 for PE380-Plus.

TR001/TR002/TR003 – Towel Rail

The towel rails TR001, TR002, and TR003 are made of stainless steel. They are an optional accessory for the infrared glass, mirror, and stone heaters. Add a towel rail to your Sundirect heater to use it as a towel warmer. You can add one towel rail to GD400 and MD300 and two towel rails to the other glass and mirror panels. You can add up to three towel rails to the stone heater.

TR001 is suitable for GD400/GD600/MD300/MD450- Plus.

TR002 is suitable for GD800/MD650-Plus.

TR003 is suitable for STONE600-Pro.

BS003 – Aluminium Feet Stand

BS003 are white stand feet made of aluminium that are specially designed for our PE-Plus series. Simply place the PE-Plus infrared panel heater on the stand feet and tighten the screws. Use BS003 and make your PE-Plus panel portable!

BS004 – Steel Feet Stand

The white steel feet stand BS004 is designed to be used with all infrared panel heaters models. Simply place the infrared panel on the bracket and tighten the screws from the backside. Using the feet stand BS004 makes your Sundirect infrared heater portable.

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