Infrared panel for spa and wellness

The wellness body treatment studio CRYOLIFE is a modern spa situated in the center of Prague, Czech Republic. This method of Whole-Body Cryotherapy was first developed in Japan in 1978 for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Their customers expect a personalized, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience in the city’s heart. They required exclusive heaters with elegant designs that would enhance their attractive SPA interior. Conventional heat is the kind of heat that most of us are used to. It operates by air convection currents circulating across its heating element. This heats the air, causing it to increase in volume and so, become buoyant and rise. Infrared heat is the heat that we get from the sun that is delivered in the form of infrared rays. Infrared rays target the objects in your room; the walls, the furniture, the floors, and even the people. The important thing to know about infrared heating is that it’ll target you and warm you up first so you feel its effects. The objects retaining the heat do the rest of the work and warm the air up, in, and around the room.


The body treatment studio is a very busy working spa. Their main goal was to prioritize and offer the best comfort to their clients.

Their business is focused on promoting personal health and wellness – conventional heaters can circulate dust and promote moisture and bacteria. Infrared heating systems prevent damp walls and reduce the formation of mold as it heats solid objects instead of the air around the room.


SUNDIRECT thought-out the situation and installed GD printed heaters with a custom design and white glass heaters. GD glass panels are made from high-quality safety ceramic glass combining sophisticated design with the optimum heating performance. All of them are wall and ceiling mounted and the installation lasted for one day. For the kitchen area, we decided to install one GD glass panel. This sleek and modern, infrared heating panel operates on 600 W for this 12 m2 space. Infrared heating panels can keep guests and visitors happy as they wait for their appointment, therefore; the lobby needed one GD glass printed panel in an 8 m2 room.

The treatment spa waiting room has 24 m2 and needed 2 GD glass printed panels that work along with 1200W as they achieve to maintain comfortable warmth throughout the day. The entrance or hall is a lot colder than the rest of the building in many spa studios. These spaces often have to do with many entrances of people. With only one GD glass printed panel for a 10 m2, we keep the entrance warm and we achieve a consistent level of heat with no cold spots whatsoever.

Infrared heating panels only have 15-20% of the light generated by conventional infrared heaters to further enhance the comfortable spa atmosphere. The Infrared heaters will not only ensure a warm and comfortable environment, but they’ll also prove to be a valuable and reliable investment in the long term with no maintenance requirements.


The result was a beautiful design with premium printing quality on the glass. The infrared panels have created a unique ambiance that makes you feel good right away because the heat can be felt in just a few seconds, allowing you to lean back and enjoy. The design of a panel is very important when regarding its efficiency.

The combination of white glass heaters and printed heaters perfectly fit in the relaxing environment of this wellness studio. As they do not give off emissions, this has made our heaters very popular among spa’s studios that are very interested in promoting health and wellbeing. We have delivered the perfect solution for this location’s requirements as we obtained both a clean and warm environment, with a constant temperature and unique design.

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