Wireless programmable Thermostat-Smart1.0


  • 7 days heating program
  • Open window detection
  • Adaptive start
  • Child lock
  • Group control

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Sundirect Smart1.0 is the wireless remote control thermostat that is specially designed to work together with the built-in receiver of Sundirect’s Plus range infrared heating panels.

With our Smart 1.0 control system you can now take full control of your heating and proactively save energy with our unique advanced features. Smart1.0 offers you the smart heating mode which you can program 4 time periods on each day, 7 days per week.

Meantime, Smart1.0 has the open window detection and adaptive start features which helps to massively saving your energy consumption and lower your electrical bill.

You can pair one remote control with up to 10 panels in the same room and control all of them at once. It can be either surface mounted to the wall permanently or used as a remote control.

With our easy setup design, you can set up the communication to the built-in receiver in just a few minutes. The Smart 1.0 remote control is powered by 2*AA batteries.

Model: Smart1.0
Size 86*123*20mm
Color White
Material PC+ ABS to UL94 fire retardant plastic
Power supply 2XAA batteries(not included in the package)
Protection IPX0
Mounting Free standing or wall mounting
Temperature range 5-30degree
Temperature accuracy 0.5degree
Frequency 433MHz RF
Control distance 35m in open obstacle
Control amount max 10panels at once
WIFI Option No
Heating program 7day heating program, 4 periods per day
Warranty 2 years

No accessories available for this model.

Communicating Models

7days program

This function allows you to set up your very own heating schedule for each day of the week. Use different temperature settings e.g. for when you are at home, work or when you go to bed. Our 7 Day Program can save up to 15% of energy compared to manual control systems.

Holiday mode

Set up your heaters on holiday mode with our countdown timer if you go away for an extended period of time. Your heaters will minimally heat your home to avoid frozen pipes in the wintertime.

Adaptive start

With Adaptive start the control system is learning how long the infrared panel heaters will take to reach the programmed temperature settings so the temperature is reached at the time you set. This means your heat will come on earlier so that the temperature is reached e.g. by the time you get up. With adaptive start you can save up to 2% of energy compared to manual controls.

Modern Touchscreen Design

The remote control comes with a sleek and modern design with a beautiful touchscreen.

Open window technology

This function automatically detects a sudden temperature drop and will automatically make the heater to go into energy saving mode. Open window detection can save up to 4% of energy.

Sundirect_TeamSmart1.0 Wireless Smart Control System