WiFi-Enabled PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Sensor – Smart Motion 01


  • Detects movements using PIR (passive infrared) technology
  • Set up Smart Scenes using the Sundirect Smart App
  • Can be powered with batteries or USB cable
  • Compatible with SmartPlug and Smart2.0 Pro or any Sundirect WiFi heater as well as any device using the Smart Life App

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The Sundirect Smart Motion 01 is a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor that can detect if someone is in the room and will according to the settings automatically command the controller to adjust the room temperature. With Sundirect’s Smart App, you can set an endless array of scenes for any scenario possible like setting the time no movement has been detected and then turning your heater to a lower temperature. This practical accessory will be the perfect fit for offices, hotels, and restaurants but also for families with children or vacation homes.

Sundirect’s Smart Motion 01 can be used with any of Sundirect’s Wi-Fi heaters from the Pro series or with SmartPlug and Smart2.0 Pro.  It can be powered either by batteries or by USB cable.

Sundirect grants a 2-year warranty in Smart Motion 01.

Model: Smart Motion 01
USB input voltage: DC5V/2A
Battery: DC3V LR03*2
Detection Distance: 5m
Working temperature: -10~ +40°C
Warranty 2 years

Smart Controllers:

Smartplug: Wireless thermostat(Plug-in type, Wifi)

Smart2.0Pro: Wireless thermostat(Main power, Wifi)


All heaters from the Plus-series are compatible with Smart Motion 01 in conjunction with one of the above controllers.

All heaters from the Pro series, as well as TH towel warmer series.

Works With

Smart2.0 Pro

Wireless Wifi Thermostat

Smart Plug

Wireless Wifi Thermostat

SundirectSmart Motion 01 WiFi Enabled Motion Sensor