Frameless infrared panel heater- IC-Plus Series


  • Premium heater with frameless design
  • White metal surface
  • High infrared radiation efficiency
  • Easy-Fit bracket for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Built-in thermostat receiver
  • Wireless controllable by Sundirect smart thermostat
  • Infrared radiation efficiency as high as 70,8%

Model Range

Model Power Size Weight Mounting Heated Area
IC200-Plus 200W 40*40cm 5.0Kg wall/ceiling 2-4m²
IC400-Plus 400W 60*60cm 8.0Kg wall/ceiling 3-7m²
IC700-Plus 700W 62*98cm 13.8Kg wall/ceiling 7-14m²
IC900-Plus 900W 68*123cm 18.0Kg wall/ceiling 9-18m²
IC1100-Plus 1100W 63*153cm 20.0Kg wall/ceiling 11-22m²

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The Sundirect IC-Plus series is a premium version infrared heating panel. The white metal powder-coated surface and smooth corner finish create an elegant design that perfectly integrates into any room interior.

The special panel design ensures an even heat distribution throughout the entire panel surface up to the edges. This makes it one of the highest efficient frameless infrared panel heaters on the market. This infrared heating panel has a silicon wire heating element that has a heat resistance of up to 200° C resulting in increased durability.

The heating element is highly isolated making it very safe. The IC-series infrared heating panel is insulated with high-temperature resistant fiberglass for minimum heat loss towards the backside. The polished steel reflector optimizes the heating performance by reflecting the infrared rays to the front.

Due to its unique structure design, IC-Plus range is fully complied with the IEC60675-3:2020 radiation efficiency standard.

The IC-Plus series has protection class IP44 and is suitable for use in humid rooms.

Equipped with our built-in thermostat receiver it can be wireless controlled by our Smart heating control systems. There are three options (sold separately) for operating your panel. Choose from a battery operated controller (Smart2.0), a mains / USB powered controller (Smart2.0Pro) or plug-in thermostat(SmartPlug). Both Smart2.0Pro and Smartplug are controllable via APP and Alexa. You will find the detail information of our smart thermostat under accessory section.

This frameless infrared panel heater comes with our Easy-Fit mounting solution that ensures easy and secure mounting on walls and ceilings using its unique bracket. You don’t need any additional accessories for mounting the panel on the wall or ceiling. We also offer several options for standing feet for the IC-Plus range. You will find detailed information under the accessory section.

Model: IC-Plus
Surface: White powder-coated steel
Back White powder-coated steel
Colour: white, RAL 9003
Heating technology: Silicone heating wire with high-temperature resistance
Infrared radiation  6 – 12µm
Warm up time 5.58 minutes
Built-in thermostat receiver Yes
Transmission frequency 433MHz, RF connection
Power supply: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
IP rating: IP 44
Protection class: I
Plug: Schuko plug with 1.8 cable
Certifications: CE/ GS/ ROHS/ REACH/ SAA
Warranty 5 years

Accessory listings:

BC002: Ceiling hang cable

BS004: Premium version steel standing feet

BS007: Light version steel standing feet

CF02: Standing feet with the rolls

Checkout the full details of above accessories

Smart controllers:

Smart2.0: Wireless thermostat(Battery back-up, Non-Wifi)

Smart2.0Pro: Wireless thermostat(Main power, Wifi)

Smartplug: Wireless thermostat(Plug-in type, Wifi)

Works With


Wireless Thermostat

Smart2.0 Pro

Wireless Wifi Thermostat

Smart Plug

Wireless Wifi Thermostat

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