Infrared Mirror Heater – MD Plus Series

Sundirect’s infrared mirror heaters are suitable for bathrooms as they have protection class IP44. They do not fog up and provide a dual function being a heater and mirror at the same time. 

This infrared mirror heater has a silicon wire heating element that has a heat resistance of up to 200° C resulting in increased durability. The heating element is highly isolated making it very safe. The MD-series infrared heating panel is insulated with two layers of high-temperature fiberglass for minimum heat loss towards the backside. The polished steel reflector optimizes the heating performance by reflecting the infrared rays to the front. The MD-Plus series comes with our Easy-Fit mounting solution that ensures easy and secure mounting.

All controls and the mirror surface are covered with a 2-year warranty and the panels with a 5-year warranty.


  • Dual function infrared heater with mirror surface
  • Easy-Fit mounting solution
  • Built-in thermostat receiver
  • CE/GS/SAA/ErP/RED certified

Built-in Thermostat Receiver

The Sundirect MD-Plus series has a built-in thermostat receiver on the backside of the panel, which communicates with our Smart heating control systems – Smart1.0/ Smart1.0 Pro/ SmartPlug. As a combo, it is fully compliant with the ErP regulation (Eco Design directive) of the EU. We also offer a bypass mode on our receiver, which allows you to connect to your own building management systems if available.

Learn more about the ErP regulation

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Model Range

Model Power Size Weight  Mounting Heated Area
MD300-Plus 300W 60*60cm 9Kg wall 3-6m²
MD450-Plus 450W 60*85cm 11Kg wall 5-9m²
MD650-Plus 650W 60*120cm 17Kg wall 7-13m²

Works With


Wireless Thermostat

Smart1.0 Pro

Wireless Wifi Thermostat


WIFI Plug-In Thermostat


Towel Rail

Sundirect_TeamMD-Plus series – Infrared Mirror Heater