Everything You Need to Know About an Infrared Heating System


Infrared systems produce heat in a way that is similar to the sun. People tend to prefer this heating system because it comes with several benefits.

Benefits of Infrared Heating System

Instant: The infrared heating system Austria works by emitting a precise beam, warming you instantly and directly. Since the heat is focused on you and not the entire room, it will warm you up fast.

Silent: In sharp contrast to other heating systems, these portable infrared panel heaters do not produce any sound. They will keep you warm, and you will hardly notice them when they are at work. Besides, they are also safe.

Easy to Maintain: There is no need to change air filters or lubricate them, as it does not require to be shifted from one place to another. The only maintenance it requires is dusting to make them more appealing.

Different Types

There are different types of infrared heating system in the market that you can opt for. The most common ones are:

Low-Intensity tube heaters: They are known by various names like tube brooders, radiant tube heaters, and positive-negative pressure. It is perfect for heating the whole building. The best thing about them is that they are vented and possess the capacity to use fresh air for combustion.

High-Intensity Ceramics: Like the previous one, this is also known by various names like luminous and radiant ceramic heaters. They are widely used in areas that require high air change. Their design is such that you can use to heat the entire building.

Patio: These are known as freestanding heaters, floor-mounted, or outdoor infrared heater. They are made from stainless steel or ceramic. They are great for heating a concentrated outdoor area. Based on their manufacturing, they can be permanent or portable.

Portable versions

If you are shopping or familiar with the infrared heating system, you must have noticed that most of these equipment types are permanent. The permanent ones are great, but there is no harm in trying out the portable versions.

The portable variants are ideal for a single room, basements, garages, workshops, and cold spots in your home. They produce a substantial amount of heat, and the good thing is they are kept in a cabinet that does not feel hot to the touch. Moreover, they do not need clearance space. Just a small area to place them will be enough. Since the cabinet does not become too hot, there is no need to worry about pets and children having burn injuries.

Working of Infrared Heating System

If you are considering the installation of an infrared heating system for your home, then your prime concern will be to have an efficient and effective system. Now the big question is how an infrared system works and how it will be helpful to save money and energy.

The infrared heating system is also known as the heat radiation system. In sharp contrast to other heating systems, it uses electromagnetic waves for generating heat. Once the system is turned on, waves are circulated in the room. As it encounters solid surfaces like furniture, walls, or human beings, heat is produced.

It is why rooms installed with an infrared heating system exhibit lower temperature than the more conventional systems. At least this is what the thermometer tells. What the thermometer does not know is that heat is generated upon impact. Human beings will be able to feel the generated heat and comfort stays to set in.

Due to the unique ability to generate heat upon contact, infrared systems can produce heat for different zones. Energy can be directed to the zones where heating is required. It implies that the system is capable of directing heat to energy zones where there are people. It helps to save energy.

Energy consumption in Infrared Heating System

The energy efficiency of a system depends on several factors. The way infrared systems work is an added advantage. There are other factors too, which influence hat management throughout the house. For instance, insulation plays a big role in heat retention. Houses that are well insulated can retain heat energy for a longer period. It will bring down the reliance on the infrared heating system.

Moreover, windows play a big role. If the windows are not made from heat-insulating materials, your heater will consume more energy to make up for the heat that is being lost.

If you can take care of heat insulation, you will be saving nearly 40 percent of your energy bills. It is a matter of realizing that infrared heating systems are one of the world’s cleanest systems. Here nothing is burned. The carbon emission and ecological footprint are a minimum. With just a flick of the switch, you can generate electromagnetic waves.

It takes only a couple of minutes to feel the heat, and you will not have to wait for feeling heat dispersed around the house.

SundirectEverything You Need to Know About an Infrared Heating System
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6 Secrets Of Saving Money With An Infrared Heating System

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SundirectHow to distinguish real infrared heating panels from other panel heaters
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Infrared heating or traditional electric heating: What is the difference between electric heaters?


There are two dominant opinions about electric heaters: they are expensive in consumption and they are 100% efficient, as electricity is converted directly into heat. Infrared heaters are also classified as electric heaters as they are also powered by electricity. This, however, is all they have in common. Most electric heaters work with convection and infrared heaters with radiant heat. Using real examples, we will show you how the various electric heaters compare. Do you opt for an infrared heater or traditional electric heater?

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Does infrared heating work against mold?

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Infrared office heaters: the key to an efficient work climate?

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SundirectInfrared office heaters: the key to an efficient work climate?
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Infrared heating in new buildings: what are the costs?

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SundirectInfrared heating in new buildings: what are the costs?
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Infrared panel heaters with thermostat: what to pay attention to before buying?

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Most infrared panel heaters are still sold without a thermostat, but did you know that according to the ecodesign regulation of the EU infrared heaters must now be sold with a thermostat? And there is a reason for that, without a thermostat you often heat too much and for too long until it gets so warm to the point where you turn off the heating because you feel uncomfortable. But per degree Celsius less you can save up to 6% energy and feel more comfortable! But with the number of thermostats and functions offered on the market today, it can get confusing. We clarify what to look for when buying the infrared heater with thermostat and what the different functions actually do.

Sundirect_TeamInfrared panel heaters with thermostat: what to pay attention to before buying?
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New EU ecodesign requirements: How do they affect infrared heaters?

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Sundirect_TeamNew EU ecodesign requirements: How do they affect infrared heaters?
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Infrared heater: health benefit or risk?

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Sundirect_TeamInfrared heater: health benefit or risk?
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3 Tips How To Install Infrared Heating Panels

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Installing infrared panel heaters is generally very easy and done fast. Nevertheless, there are 3 points that you should keep in mind in order to take full advantage of the benefits of infrared heating panel and to avoid installation mistakes. How to correctly position, dimension and mount a infrared panel heater is described our following 3 tips.

Sundirect_Team3 Tips How To Install Infrared Heating Panels
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Infrared bathroom heaters: Why you should use them and what is the right type for your bathroom


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