Outdoor Infrared Heater is the Best Option to Heat Your Garden

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Undoubtedly, infrared space heaters are the best choice to keep your home warm in cold weather. With their varied advantages, outdoor infrared heaters are now a family’s best friend to keep them together and comfortable. Moreover, if you want to keep your garden warm, cosy and comfortable, don’t worry and don’t look so far. Your solution is right beside you. Patio infrared heaters are the most efficient choice for heating your outdoors. However, before we discuss the advantages of infrared patio heaters, it is equally important for you to know a little bit about infrared patio heaters.

What is a Patio Infrared Heater?

Patio heaters are specialized heaters that heat outdoor areas by generating radiant heat. Patio heaters use propane and natural gas as fuel. However, modern technology has improved the heating method.

Now, infrared patio heaters have lowered the consumption of natural gas and propane. This is because patio infrared heaters generate radiant heat from electricity. These are a new type of patio heaters that guarantees less wastage of fuel and lowers the amount of pollution.

Types of Patio Infrared Heaters

Different infrared heaters are used in outdoor gardens to adapt to different situations. But these two types of heaters have gained popularity:

  1. Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters: These are fixed heaters installed in a wall to warm a specific space in your garden. You can connect the heater to your electric board and heat the area.
  2. Smart Infrared Outdoor Heater: These are advanced model infrared heaters. They not only run on electricity but are also portable. Therefore, you can use lithium-ion batteries in your portable infrared heaters outside your house.

Why is an Infrared heater the Best Option to heat Your Garden?

If you are considering heating your garden area, infrared heaters are your only choice. You can check the following advantages to know why it is best to install an infrared heater for your garden:


Conventional heaters are not effective in open outdoor areas. Conventional heaters use fans or air ducts to heat the air, but they do not work in open areas. The cold air diffuses the warm air. Contrary to that, only infrared heaters do not heat the air but the objects and bodies within their span. Hence, infrared heaters are the only efficient apparatus in this case.

Low Electricity Consumption

Infrared heaters, unlike conventional heaters, do not take much time to process. Therefore, it does not consume much electricity to heat your area. Moreover, they do not make any sound while working. Therefore, the energy consumed by an infrared heater is used entirely for radiating heat. They consume 100% energy with 0% wastage.

Lower Money expenses

With lower energy consumption, infrared heaters also contribute to reducing expenses. A good infrared heater does not take more than 1500 watts per hour to generate heat. However, a good infrared heater is expensive compared to normal heaters. But they are capable of saving you money in the long run.

Less Pollution

Since infrared heaters do not cause any wastage of fuel or electricity, they do not cause much pollution.

Great for Plants

If you plan a heater for your garden, use low-intensity infrared heaters. Low-intensity infrared heaters are capable of emitting energy at a wider wavelength. The wavelength can easily range from 2000 nm to 10,000 nm. Plants require energy with a wavelength between 380-780 nm for photosynthesis. Therefore, low-intensity infrared heaters are best for greenhouse plants.

Greater Heater Area

Low-intensity infrared heaters can heat a larger area because they have a wider range of wavelengths.

Health Benefits

Infrared heaters are safe for people dealing with asthma and other breathing problems. So you can easily use them outside your house in garden areas for a better experience.

Perfect Ambience

Since infrared heaters do not make any sound while processing, you can enjoy your romantic date quietly, they can create the perfect ambience while working silently in the background.

Safe Installation

Infrared heaters use metal rods that radiate heat. Therefore, the heating elements can reach up to 2600 degrees Celsius. Hence, these heaters use protected outer covers to make them safe.


These outdoor heaters require extremely low maintenance and easy to carry. Hence, you can carry these heaters to any part of your garden without hassle.


To summarize, you no longer have to worry about winter’s chilly cold bites while enjoying your garden. Infrared space heaters are the best fit for indoor comfort and the best choice to comfort your garden plants in winter. Furthermore, infrared heaters in your outdoor space encourage you to step outside your warm indoor comfort zone.

So, this winter switch to outdoor infrared heaters and enjoy sitting with your loved one in outdoor area. These heaters are eco-friendly and are harmless for human bodies.

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Best Infrared Heaters for Poorly Insulated Buildings

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Whether you want infrared heaters for your residential or commercial building, proper insulation is a must to prevent heat loss. It is common to face problems like cold walls and dampness in the rooms. Insulating your property is a better option, but it’s not always possible. Instead, you can use an infrared heating system that remains unaffected by airflow. There are various types of infrared heaters, like far infrared heat, wall heaters, best infrared panel heaters, etc.

How to choose the best outdoor infrared heaters?

What is an infrared heater?

Have you ever felt warmth after the sun peeks through the cloud? For one moment, it is cold, and in the next second, you are unzipping your woolen clothes, as you feel the warmth like summer season. That is how you will feel through infrared heaters.

These infrared radiations cut down the cold air to make you feel warm. Infrared heaters heat the objects, which further radiates the heat back into the room to maintain its temperature.

Which type of infrared is aptly suitable for you?

Currently, wall or ceiling-mounted infrared heaters are gaining popularity among users. These heaters also come in a picture frame and artwork to make them look like a painting, while others may have four legs to make them portable. These infrared heaters are very lightweight but still can produce heat that can warm-up your room within a few minutes.

Today in this blog, we will discuss all the infrared heaters that can work in your poorly insulated space all year.

Far infrared heaters

Far infrared is a wavelength present in the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body always remains surrounded by infrared radiation, as it absorbs and emits much heat from the sun. All such radiations are harmless.

Far infrared has a long wavelength with low frequency. It implies it transmits a lower level of radiation.Our skin easily absorbs such radiations, quickly transmitting its warmth throughout the body. That makes these heaters more efficient.

Wall heaters

These are electric heaters that provide warmth to the room through infrared radiation. These heaters can be easily mounted on the wall, keeping your room warm without much heat loss. Heat can be sensed quickly as they heat up the objects in the rooms. Some infrared wall heaters have an aesthetic look; hence, apart from heating your body, they provide a seamless look to your room.

These heaters can be controlled through a thermostat or remote control. Hence you can adjust the room temperature right from your chair. These heaters are much better than traditional heaters as they dry out the air, which results in discomfort.

However, you must consider the size of the room, and your ceiling height, as these heaters are not suitable for large rooms and high ceilings.

Picture heaters

Infrared picture heaters can work as a decorative wall pieces in your room. These heaters usually comprise aesthetic pictures on their panel, which can match your room décor. Like any other heaters, these heaters heat objects instead of air, thus keeping the room warm for longer. These heaters work as a consistent heat source compared to their traditional counterpart.

These heaters are a good choice for homeowners who want to heat their poorly insulated buildings. Also, these heaters are available in various sizes and shapes and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. However, you must ensure that the heaters are mounted and insulated properly, and it will be better if professionals do such electrical work.

Portable heaters

It is important to know your room size before buying any heater. This portable heater is also gaining popularity because of its efficient heating and small size. These heaters have wheels and safety features like tip-over protection and an automatic shut-off timer. These heaters also come with a remote control. That implies you can control the temperature right by sitting on your chair.

Dual Zone heaters

This heater comes with two zones, one for the whole room and the other for personal-zone heating. You can choose the mode based on the situation. If you are the only person in the room, you can go with personal-zone heating mode, while if you want to heat the entire room, then whole-room heating is preferable. This heater has an LED display that automatically switches off after 20 seconds. This feature is especially good when turning the lights off at night.


While keeping your home well insulated is challenging, it’s better to buy infrared heaters that can give you the desired warmth even in poorly insulated conditions. All the heaters mentioned above are capable of heating your poorly insulated buildings. Buy the one which matches your need and check the reviews and ratings of the customers before finalizing the product. Also, you must check the heater’s size and compare it with your room to get the perfect one.

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Top Money Saving Advantages of Infrared Heating Systems

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The days had gone when people used conventional heating methods and equipment for comfort. The technological experts have made a masterpiece in the shape of an infrared heating system which can give you total comfort. Having such a tool in your home can enhance your account’s savings. Moreover, using such equipment ensures environmental safety, which is essential for today.

But how can infrared heating systems save you money? What makes such equipment a money-maker for most individuals? Let’s find out the answers.

Money-saving advantages of using an infrared heating systems

Here are some of the best money-saving advantages of using an infrared heating system in your house.

Improve the building insulation.

As an accumulation heating, infrared heaters can produce heat which can be stored longer in a room. If you live in cold places with very low temperatures for most of the year, you can use it for better insulation. However, you can get the convenience regarding insulation only when you ensure that the windows and the doors of your room are fully insulated.

Therefore, it can save you money. Many people use conventional heaters for the insulation of their rooms, which can be more costly. Using such infrared heaters can make your room insulated with little money.

Energy efficient

Infrared heating systems consume a fraction of electric power for heating. Therefore, you don’t need to pay a lot for energy consumption. Some infrared heaters come in a portable size, which makes them easier to use.

The traditional infrared heating systems consume about 0.29 to 3 kw/h depending upon the size of the panel. For instance, if you have a smaller panel that comes 595*595 mm, the electric consumption can be lower than a bigger panel. It means you can save a lot of money on utility bills, and this is the best part of infrared heating system

Enhance the glory of your room

The infrared heating system is also a component which can enhance your room’s sophistication. An infrared picture heater can enhance the beauty of a wall by providing heat in your room simultaneously. You can decorate your sweet drawing room or bedroom with such a picture infrared heater which can save you money too.

When planning to decorate your home with some pictures and pieces of art, you may go for traditional pictures or fine arts pieces. However, picture infrared heaters can glorify your room as a design tool. Therefore, you don’t need to spend money for several purposes.

Manageable to save space

Some infrared heating system comes in the form to save extra space in your room. A conventional heater can be set in a large space which can be difficult to manage if you have a small space in your room. Therefore, an infrared heater can save your space for the most convenience.

Several manufacturers provide infrared mirror heater, a great tool to save your room space. You can use it as a mirror in your home, simultaneously enhancing the decor and the need for heating your room. Using the infrared heating system can also provide a lower electric consumption which is one of the money-saving advantages of using an infrared heating system.

Using Wi-Fi function

Using the Wi-Fi function makes the infrared heating system unique for all. It means it doesn’t need much time for the installation. You can install it in less time, providing you with better convenience. Using the Wi-Fi function, you can enjoy less electric consumption for heating your room. Moreover, you can enjoy satisfied control over the heating system.

Zero maintenance cost

While comparing with other conventional heating systems, the infrared heating system involves less maintenance cost, which means it doesn’t need to have great maintenance for a long time. The infrared heating system has no moving component parts and is safe from any malfunction. The simple and unique design makes it more convenient for the users. You can enjoy a zero maintenance facility while using such a heating system in your room.

Best for our health

The infrared heating system works by exiting molecules of our body to generate efficient heat. Therefore, using such a system can make benefit of your health. The infrared heating system helps with blood and other circulations in your body, which means you can enjoy deep warmth. Conventional heaters can only heat the surface of your body. On the other hand, infrared heaters can be used for the total hit.

Bottom Line

With such great advantages, an infrared heating system is becoming the first choice for most users. You can enjoy comfortable heating in your room having such equipment. However, you must look after some primary maintenance causes owing to the full safety of you and your sweet home. Overall, using an infrared heating system can be a money-saving option.

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Tips to Choose a Portable Infrared Heater for Your Home

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Portable infrared heaters are rising in popularity. There are several advantages of buying a portable infrared heater, and people buy them because of such benefits. A portable infrared heater serves the purpose of heaters (providing warmth in winter) while also being portable. The portability of these types of heaters makes them easy to move from one room to another. Some other benefits of portable infrared heaters are that they produce instant heat, and infrared heating costs less than using other types of heaters.

While there are plenty of advantages to buying a portable infrared heater, one needs to ensure to choose a portable infrared heater properly. If you have thought of buying a portable infrared heater, you have made the right decision. However, you need to make sure that you make an informed decision while choosing a portable infrared heater. With so many options for portable infrared heaters in the market, you might get confused. However, keeping some key considerations in mind will guarantee that you are able to select the right portable infrared heater. In this article, you will find some valuable tips on how you can choose the right portable infrared heater. Keep on reading to find out.

Tips to Choose a Portable Infrared Heater for Your Home

Choosing a portable infrared heater rightly is vital. There are certain things you need to look for in a portable infrared heater before making a purchase. Listed below are some useful tips which will help you in choosing a portable infrared heater for your home:

1. Price

The portable infrared heater you choose must be worth its price, even if the cost shouldn’t be your first priority. Before choosing a heater, make sure to examine product costs and discounts.

2. Noise levels

When you have to deal with loud appliances, it is a complete turn-off. Imagine getting a portable infrared heater for your room that disrupts your sleep by making a loud noise! Modern room heaters are made to operate quietly; therefore, it is crucial that you listen to noise levels.

3. Heat output

In addition to looking at a room heater’s wattage, think about reading reviews that discuss the product’s efficiency so you can get a good understanding of how well the portable infrared heater panel can distribute heat.

4. Usage of less energy

Your monthly power expenditures may increase as a result of using heavy-duty electrical appliances. The energy-efficiency element must be taken into account because it might save you from paying expensive electricity bills and promote environmental friendliness. There’s nothing better than helping the environment if you can, after all.

5. Automatic snooze

The advantages of using an automated portable infrared heater are numerous. To begin with, the user may turn it on and go to sleep without having to worry about turning off the heating. Setting a timer has another benefit that allows you to conserve electricity.

6. Power and heating capability

Check the capability of the portable infrared heating panel; the better the heating, the higher the capacity. To give you an easy example, a 2000-watt room portable infrared heater should suffice if you need one for a 200-square-foot space.

7. Cord size

When looking for a room heater, be careful to ask how long the power cable is. The better the cord, the more freedom you will get while installing it at different place. The longer the chord, the better.

8. Thermostat controller

When selecting a room heater, it is crucial to be able to set the desired temperature. After all, you want to have the ability to regulate the room’s temperature to your liking. In this situation, accurate thermostat control room heaters are excellent.

9. Humidity

In order to provide warmth, room heaters essentially utilize the oxygen present in space. It’s crucial to remember that this significantly lowers humidity levels, especially when utilized in smaller spaces. Dry eyes, irritated noses, and other symptoms can result from low humidity and moisture content. Finding a humidifier or portable infrared heater that operates while maintaining appropriate humidity levels is the best way to solve this issue. The best infrared panel heaters always maintain appropriate humidity.

10. Wi-Fi connectivity

Some portable infrared heater also connects to Wi-Fi. Buying a portable Wi-Fi infrared heater can prove beneficial for you. It’s innovative and very functional.

11. Aesthetic appeal

After examining all of the crucial components from a practical standpoint, you may also think about contrasting heaters based on their designs.

The bottom line

Give priority to choosing the right portable infrared heater for your house. Hopefully, the tips given in this article will prove beneficial for you when choosing a portable infrared heater. If you are searching for an infrared foot warmer, most of the tips given in this article apply to it too.

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Can You Safely Use an Infrared Space Heater at Night in Your Room?

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The words ‘winter’ and ‘chilly’ complement each other. Even if the temperature outside is harsh; you can still enjoy it in your home under a toasty blanket, with a book in your hand, and sipping wine. You can also gaze outside the window to see the wonderland and falling snow.
But what will happen if your indoor space is as chilly as the outdoor one? If you can’t afford to pay the high monthly bills by using traditional heaters, you probably need to search for a better option to maintain the room temperature. A bit of research will let you know about infrared space heaters. It may sound good, but you might remain concerned about the safety issues of these electrical appliances.

The good news is that modern infrared heaters are very safe to use even when left unattended during the night, even while you are sleeping. But ensure that you are using a reputed infrared space heater that is certified by three testing organizations and contains the features like tip-over protection, automatic shutoff, adjustable thermostat, and shutoff timer.

Best Practices for using an Infrared Space Heater

Although you might be concerned about leaving the infrared heaters to switch on for a whole night, by following the below-mentioned guidelines, you can easily use these heaters at night as they are completely safe to do so.

Keep heaters away from flammable things.

It would help if you kept your heater in an appropriate place to ensure safety. You should keep the heater 3 feet away from things like curtains, pillows, beds, blankets, rugs and clothes. Also, please keep it away from furniture like sofas, chairs, etc. Put them on a wooden floor instead of a carpet. Always remember that your space heater needs space.

Make use of a grounded outlet.

Usually, heaters use 1,500 watts of power when run at their full capacity. That implies the circuit overloading will happen if you run too many devices simultaneously. Also, avoid plugging the infrared heater into an extended cord, as it may not be designed to run a lot of wattage through it. Ensure to use a grounded outlet that contains three prongs. Avoid two-prong sockets, as they don’t provide any way to ground the electricity.

Avoid using the heater as a supplemental dryer.

As already discussed, you must put your heater away from flammable materials. Hence don’t use it to dry your clothes. Never drape towels, socks or other items near the heater. Any of these items could catch fire if they come in contact with the heater. Clothes can also block the vents, which may result in overheating.

Now, you might have understood that if used safely, infrared heaters can keep you warm in winter without putting much burden of electricity bills on your pocket.

Infrared Space Heater

Features to look in your Infrared Indoor Heater

To ensure safety, check the below features in your infrared heater:

  • Automatic Shut off: Your heater should sense the temperature rise. This way, it will automatically come in shut down mode and avoid the risk of sparking or fire.
  • Tip-over protection: It is especially important if you have kids and pets in your home. This feature allows the heater to shut down if knocked over. It will protect you from any hazards if anyone runs over the heater at night.
  • Safety certification: You must check the labels of the reputed company on the heater, which shows that the product meets the safety standard and has undergone three-level testing.
  • Timer: This feature will allow you to decide how long your heater will be switched on during nighttime. This feature will allow the heater to switch off automatically as per your settings. It is a crucial feature during nighttime.

Know about Space Heaters

Before you decide which heater will be the best for your home, you must know the basics of a space heater. Unlike the traditional centralized heaters, which heat the entire home, space heaters will only heat the room you are using. These heaters use convection and radiation to heat the space and are available in various shapes and sizes.

New Heaters vs Old Heaters

Modern heaters have many benefits over traditional ones. They use new technologies which offer greater efficiency and safety. If you are looking for a portable heater, you must ensure that it never becomes a safety hazard for your family. New space heaters usually have an automatic shutoff feature, which keeps you away from residential fires. Safety is an uncompromising factor for everyone. Hence it’s always better to go with infrared heaters as they also have a wireless remote thermostat to control them remotely or through a mobile app even when you are not at home.

Final Takeaway

So how will you ensure that infrared space heaters are safe for you? Follow the above guidelines to make the maximum utilization of these heaters without facing any safety hazards.

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Why are infrared heaters popular in European countries?

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Most of the European countries remain extremely cold during winter season. On an average the temperature in European countries even reaches -2°C which is pretty cold. To keep themselves warm and healthy, most of the Europeans prefer to have infrared heating system in their homes. These heaters do direct heating instead of heating the air first. In infrared heating system 80% of heating is utilized while 20% of get wasted. Thus it has high efficiency as compared to the traditional heaters, in which most of the heat gets wasted in heating air.

Reasons Behind Popularity of Infrared Heating System in European countries

  • Immediate and continuous heat

Because of such harsh winter seasons, people always prefer to have immediate feeling of warmth after switching of the heater. Only infrared indoor heaters can fulfill such demand, as this appliance doesn’t waste time in heating up the room’s air. Also, infrared radiations are absorbed by all the objects present in the room like fan, ceiling floor, walls, and other things. Once absorbed these objects start emitting the heat back to the room and this process maintains the room temperature for a longer duration.

  • Warm walls, floor and ceilings

With time, you will see that infrared heaters will require less energy to maintain the comfortable temperature. Your room surface and objects will accumulate the heat and it will take less time for heater to heat them up again. You can even see that your room walls remain warm throughout the day.

  • No dampness formation

As infrared heaters evenly heat the walls, many European people have found that they have got rid of wall dampness. Buildings that face the problem of dampness and wet walls in Europe can solve that in 2-4 weeks with these infrared heaters. Hence for European countries infrared heater is a smart choice.

  • Efficient for hospitals, clinics and spa centers

In Europe, infrared heaters are widely used in health and sports organization to meet the heating needs. Have you ever heard about Hot Yoga? Infrared heaters are mostly used at such place in many parts of European countries.


What happens when Traditional Heating System is used?

Mostly in traditional heating system, heaters firstly heat up the air. Such technique spread bacteria and virus in the atmosphere. Hence many of the European countries have decided to use infrared heaters to minimize the risk involved.

Energy Consumption in indoor or outdoor infrared heaters

  • Average Use

With its technique of heating up all the objects present in the room, which further emit heats to maintain room temperature, it is sufficient to use infrared heaters only for 2-5 hours per day.

  • Energy Limit

There is no problem with the energy limit of infrared heaters. You can use number of heaters based on the space you want to cover. These infrared heaters are suitable both for apartments and bungalows.

  • Save a lot on electricity bills

If you use gas, oil or other heating sources, it may face too many expenses. The reason behind this is to maintain the warm temperature you need to run the traditional heaters for long duration. As traditional heaters heat up air, their energy consumption is high.

  • Integrated Smart Thermostat

Most of the infrared heaters contain smart thermostats and thus it becomes easy for consumers to operate the heater with remote or smartphones. Thus, any of your family members can control the smart heater from any corner of the home.

Popular health Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Boost immune system

Wavelength which infrared heater produces is naturally absorbed by our human body. Such cozy and warm heat results in expansion of our capillaries and thus enhances regeneration of our red blood. Such process is crucial for detoxification of our major organs. Such thermal radiations are also found to have good impact in reducing stress and Lyme disease.

These radiations improve blood supply to muscles which can heal muscular pain or wound.

Allergy reduction

In traditional form of heating, heat was firstly transferred to air, which results in upward movement of air in the room. This process circulates dust and allergens in the air. People with breathing allergies find it difficult to remain in such environment.


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  • Infrared heaters efficiently maintain the room temperature and are much efficient for European countries where winters are extremely cool.
  • Technological advancement has made efficient usage of electromagnetic radiations for the benefit of human beings.
  • People must take precautions while dealing with infrared heaters, just like they used to take with traditional heaters.
  • Infrared has some exceptional health benefits which were not found in conventional heating technique.
  • It saves a lot in your electricity bills.

I hope through this blog you have understood the importance of infrared heaters in European countries. Such heaters are now becoming popular in all the countries irrespective of the continent.

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How do I know which infrared heater I need?

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During winter season, the first thing which comes in our mind is the infrared heater. This device allows you to get a pleasant atmosphere at home. But which infrared to choose is the biggest challenge in front of many consumers. There are various factors which you need to consider while buying the best heater which can meet your requirements.

There are various types of infrared heaters available in the markets; you need to take the decision cautiously, as not all heaters can give you the desired heat.

Things to consider in infrared heating system

  • Safety Features

Please check the safety features of different brands. The safety measures of your infrared heater should match with the other heating appliances of your home to avoid improper operation of your heater. If sign of safety measures is absent on heater, then inquire about the same with the dealer or else you can check the manual to know the same.

Your heater must have anti-tip shutoff and timer. This will minimize the risk of overheating and fire hazards.

  • Portability

While choosing any heater for your home, you must check its portability for your convenience. This factor becomes more significant when you frequently wish to move your heater from one room to another.

Your heater must have insulated handles for easy shifting. If you are not looking for portable heater, then go with the heater which can provide right temperature to your entire room.

  • Usability and Functionality

You must consider the additional features of the infrared heater. You can look for the heaters which operate with remote, so that you can maintain the room temperature right from the comfort zone of your chair. For such purpose you can go with wireless remote thermostat. Also, you can look for the heating settings, to enjoy the most favorable temperature controls and can save some bucks in your electricity bills.

Which Infrared Heater is best for me?

Mainly there are three categories of infrared: Commercial heaters, infrared panels and patio heaters. Below is the short overview of each heater which you can choose based on the space availability:

  • Infrared panels: Excellent for domestic space with standard ceiling height and interior. These heaters are also good for homes, bars, pubs, hotels and offices. These heaters are also perfect for bathrooms.
  • Commercial heaters: These heaters heat up a large area and can be mounted on wall or ceiling for a discreet fitting. You can go with such heaters to get gentle warmth.
  • Patio heaters: These heaters can keep you warm when you want to sit in outdoor area of your home. As per the warmth they provide, you can use such heaters to enjoy instant heat, or can be employed for complete home heating in covered areas.

Which Infrared heater size will be best for me?

You need to consider the heater wattage and the heating space of your home to know the best heater for your home. If you are unable to find the heater of exact wattage you required, you can look for the next size up to ensure that the product will surely meet your comfort requirements. Never go with under power heaters, as such product will spend more time in heating and it will be laborious for it to heat the space. This will waste your money and minimize the lifespan of the heater.

For commercial buildings with high ceilings like industrial units, churches, leisure center you can go with ceramic heaters. Usage of multiple heaters in large space is also a good idea to maintain the comfort.

Does the position of infrared indoor heater matter?

Heater installation is also a major decision. You can keep the heater near your seating area to get the direct heat from it. You can also install them on the ceilings, so that the entire heat will be directed downwards and will provide you completely unobstructed warmth. If ceiling installation is not possible you can go with wall mount. Ensure the heat radiations are not directly faced by your furniture or any other object. Otherwise they will absorb the heat more rather than your body.


You must check the size, power and installation place of the infrared heating system before actually buying it for your home. All these factors matter a lot in room heating. You can calculate your room size and check the wattage of the heater to get an idea about the area which the heater will cover. In current era, most of the consumers prefer to have infrared heaters because of their wide array of benefits over the traditional heaters. Unlike conventional heaters, these infrared heaters never heat up the air; instead they heat up the object that comes in its path. Thus these heated objects again emit heat in the air to keep the room warm for longer duration.



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Why do you need an Infrared Heater to Keep the Bathroom Warm?

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Do you want to get a spa-like treatment in your bathroom? Go with an infrared bathroom heater. Today in this blog, we will discuss everything about bathroom heaters, from their dimension to their advantages. Read the entire content to know whether you need bathroom heaters as supplementary or for central heating. Infrared heaters can give you the perfect warmth you need to feel cosy in your home or bathroom.


Why Infrared Bathroom Heater ?

An infrared bathroom heater works really well when it comes to heating the bathroom space. It has several advantages that tell you why you should install this type of heater in your bathroom.

  • Space Saving:  Infrared heaters are available in various mounting options and can be easily integrated into your bathroom. Mirror and glass heaters can give an elegant look to your bathroom with desired warmth. Infrared ceiling heaters are almost invisible in the bathroom and are suitable for small-size bathrooms with no wall space.
  • Mould Prevention: Wall moulds are much more common in rooms which always remain wet, like your bathroom. Infrared Heaters works well against mold. so it really helps to prevention from mold. This heater warm the wall instead of air, making it perfect for bathrooms.
  • Easy Installation: Infrared heaters are easy to install and can be shifted to another place if you change your home. Because of the plug-and-play system, infrared heaters can be mounted in 15 min in your bathroom. Its installation doesn’t require any complicated tools or any specialist.
  • Wellness Feeling: These infrared radiations heat our body directly without heating the air first. Skin absorption in the body gives you the same warmth you get while standing in direct sunlight. Particularly when you take sunbathe on a beach.
  • Energy-saving: As compared to energy heaters, infrared consumes less power. Also, because of its automatic sensation of heat, it controls the temperature, thus saving more energy. Also, its principle of heating objects results in minimum heat loss.
  • No Maintenance: No cost is required to maintain this device, and hence this saves your additional cost.


Alternative for Wifi Controllable Infrared Bathroom Heater : 

  • Infrared Mirror Heater (with Light)
  • Infrared Towel Warmer
  • Infrared Ceiling Heaters or Wall Mounted


Which type of heater will be suitable for your bathroom?

Besides providing a suitable heating sensation, infrared mirror heaters can add elegance to your bathroom. It is impossible to recognize these infrared mirror heaters if installed in the bathroom and thus they are aptly suitable for small bathrooms. They can also be equipped with towel rails. Also, these heaters never steam up, so you can always enjoy a clear view while switching on the heater.

The second option is the infrared towel heater. It also combines elegance with functionality. These heaters are available in various colors, usually white and black, and like mirror heaters, these can also be equipped with towel rails. Installing towel rails will give you warm towels and socks in winter. You will surely love such cosiness.

If your bathroom is very small and can’t accommodate heaters, it’s better to use infrared ceiling heaters. These heaters can be easily installed on the bathroom ceiling, ensuring a uniform heat through them when switched ‘ON’.

Infrared Bathroom Heater – Best Heating Solution to Warm up the Small Space.

If you want a cost-effective heater in your bathroom to get extra cosiness, then go with infrared bathroom heaters. You can use such heaters for a short interval instead of keeping them ‘ON’ for hours to heat the entire house. Infrared mirrors and towel heaters can perfectly match your bathroom design.


How I can Install ?

It is pretty simple to install infrared bathroom heaters. It would help if you use a thermostat to maximize power. You can easily install the heater through a plug-in thermostat without calling any electrician. If you want to hide wires, you can choose a thermostat which connects to your wiring and conceals all the cables in the wall.

Heat the showroom with Sundirect heaters

Power and Cost for Infrared Bathroom Heater –

About 4 degrees above the outside temperature is considered pleasant. As per the dimension of your bathroom, you can choose the bathroom heater.

It is preferable to use infrared heaters in your bathroom and other areas. For a bathroom area of 7sqm, ideally, you should purchase a 500W heater. If your electricity price is 0.25€/kWh, then your average cost per hour of heater will be 12.5cents.

It implies that if you run the heater for 4h in a day, your average cost will be 0.5€ per day.


Final Takeaway

Infrared heaters are becoming popular in the current era because of their energy-saving properties and the comfort and warmth it gives in the bathroom and other rooms of your home. Conventional heaters only heat air, and the hot air lifts up in the room towards the ceiling, whereas infrared heating panels heat objects.

So, don’t wait; this winter, install an infrared bathroom heater to get a cosy and comfortable bathing feeling. These infrared indoor heaters are energy-efficient, cost-effective and are easy to install at any place.

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Infrared Heater : Best Way for Heating a House

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There is no need to remind you that heating your home is expensive. While there are several ways to reduce this cost, the most practical approach is using energy-efficient systems. Although you may have to invest in such systems initially, you will save a lot in the long run. The less energy your heating system will take to heat the room, the lower will be your energy bills. Today we will talk about infrared heater, which are pretty efficient and save a lot of bucks for you.

What are infrared heating systems, and how does it work?

Infrared heating is a smart way to heat your home efficiently and in a healthier environment. These heaters run on electricity, and instead of heating your surrounding air, they heat the objects present in the room. These smart wifi thermostat heaters can run through your mobile apps. They emit infrared rays (free from UV radiations), which our body absorbs quickly. It will give you the same feeling you get while getting heat from the sun.

These infrared heaters transform how your home, offices, and commercial space are heated. These devices are easy to install on your wall or ceilings, require significantly less space and are available in various designs and styles to add beauty to your home. All such features have made these heaters far better than traditional radiators.


Are infrared heater good?

It is a common question that most users have when they first hear the word infrared. The answer is ‘Yes,’ without any doubt. In an infrared system, heat is absorbed by room objects like a sofa, chair, walls, floor etc. These objects radiate the heat back into the room. Hence if your room is well-insulated, you can go with infrared heaters. Below are two more aspects which you should know about these heaters.

Size: If you are planning to replace your old heating system with infrared heaters, you should consider the heater’s size and wattage panels. It will decide their heating efficiency. Under-sizing means it will take a lot of time for your room to get heated, and the heater will not work as efficiently as it is. To be wise, take a sizeable infrared heater. It will heat your room quickly and automatically cut off once the desired temperature is met. It will save on your energy bills.

Heater Brand: A cheap rate heater may be tempting for you at first glance, but quality can’t be neglected when it comes to infrared technology. An average life expectancy of an Infrared Heating System is around 30 years. Hence its initial investment may seem higher to you, but certainly, it will pay off in the long run. Several brands are available in the market; you should check the customer reviews and the heater’s features before making the deal.


Does infrared use much power?

If compared with traditional heating systems, infrared consumes 60% less power. Compared to traditional heating, infrared requires less power, as it heats up the objects instead of circulating warm air in the environment. It reduces the like-for-like wattage, which means low electricity usage in the long run.

With infrared heaters, you can only heat the room you are using. Unlike central gas heating, for example, you need to heat the entire house, even if you use a single room. Infrared heaters can be programmed as per your need. It implies its heating cost is less than other heaters like a gas boiler, which is supposed to keep ‘ON’ for a while to feel the warmth in the entire house. So, even if gas heaters and boilers may seem cheaper, as infrared consumes less energy, you will save more on your bills.


Can infrared heat the entire home?

Yes, it’s a great idea to do so. Some customers are replacing their old central heating system with infrared to make their heating system more energy efficient. Thermostats allow heating of the specific part of the room for which you need it. You can set it on automatic mode to switch it ‘OFF’ after some time when you don’t need it. Hence if used efficiently, infrared can be a cost-saving solution for you.

While installing the infrared space heater, you should know the space where you can install it, the size of the heater and the power wattage.

In the current era, different sizes of infrared heaters are available, and they come in various styles and finishes. These devices can become a focal point of your room through stylish artwork. You can choose picture panels, glossy finish or simple and discreet design to match them with your home décor.

Final Takeaway

Infrared heating is the current and future trend for home heating. This modern way of heating is not only affordable but also environmentally- friendly to meet your customized needs. So, invest in infrared heating system today!


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Buying Guide for Infrared Outdoor Heater: Choose the Right one

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Having a nice outdoor living space to relax, entertain, spend time with your loved one and even enjoy a nice meal is a great addition to any home or commercial property. It’s best to spend time outdoors when the weather is good, but the cold weather can be uncomfortable during the winter months. So you can’t use outdoor space.

However, you can improve your outdoor living space and make it a great place to enjoy all days of the year if you invest in an outdoor infrared heater. patio heaters have many advantages that can make them a great addition to any property.

Why Infrared Outdoor Heaters?


  • Very Effective Working –

Infrared uses radiation to heat people and objects directly so trying to heat air in an ample, open space is not wasted.

The Infrared Heating System is completely effective because it offers zone heating. Their radiated heat is projected into a defined area, allowing you to target specific areas that need heat instead of trying to heat the entire area. The normal use of this zoned heat is on the outside seating area and the same amount of space is kept warm.

  • Easy to use – 

Outdoor infrared heaters are designed to be easy to use. You just turn it on and you can enjoy the heat immediately. Compared to other outdoor heating methods that take a long time to heat up, Infrared provides a hassle-free heating solution with fast results. These heaters are designed to be maintenance-free and strong enough to withstand harsh external conditions.

  • Totally Safe – 

Infrared Heaters are effective as well as totally safe to use. Most of the models are wall-mounted designs so we can easily protect them from children and Infrared panel heaters are also safe and easy to installation. 

  • Spend time in the backyard (winter, too) – 

As it is an effective source of heat for outdoor use, you will not have any problems in your leisure time. And it was easy to spend time outside when the outside temperature was cold. Instead of spending your outdoor time just in the summer months, infrared heaters will definitely help you to enjoy your back garden in spring and autumn, allowing you to get the most out of the fresh air all year round.

What size of outdoor infrared heater should be chosen?

In order to set up a heated zone that covers the necessary area, it is important to choose and install outdoor heaters of the appropriate size.

Consider the size and shape of the area you want to cover when choosing the suitable size heaters for your project, then look for heaters with the appropriate heating spans.

Choosing the appropriate size of outdoor infrared heater is simple if all you’re looking for is a portable heater to use on chilly summer evenings in your backyard garden. However, you might need to give your size selection a bit more attention if you plan to install a permanent outdoor heating system for a greater space.

To install your heaters, make sure you have enough space. Take accurate measurements of the space where the heaters will go and compare them to the specifications of the product you have selected. Don’t forget to consider your heaters’ depth, especially if mounting close to a door or walkway.

Here are some helpful tips, though, if you’d like to figure out your heating sizes on your own:

    • Make sure to measure the area you wish to heat accurately.
    • Drawing a plan or elevation diagram of your heated space on squared paper might be helpful.
    • As a general rule, heat from outdoor infrared heaters typically radiates out a maximum of 3.5 meters.
    • One-directional outdoor heaters, such as those installed on walls or ceilings, often project a wedge-shaped heating span in the direction they are pointed.
    • A circle of heat will be produced using 360-degree outdoor heaters, such as umbrella-mounted heaters or free-standing tower heaters.



Suitable Locations for Outdoor Infrared Heaters

Outdoor heaters are a smart choice for various situations, including some inside ones, thanks to the advantages of infrared radiation!

    • Domestic area – Gardens, patios, balconies, terraces, and gardens
    • Commercial area – pubs, restaurants, stadiums, trains platform, hotels, etc. 


How they are Installed? Maintenance?

To install an infrared heater in an outdoor area, you need a qualified electrician. There are numerous installation options for outdoor infrared heaters to a wide range of various locations. 

    • Wall Mounted – Wall mounted outdoor heaters offer a safe fitting and keep the heaters out of the reach of young children.
    • Free Standing – Good for domestic patio/ outdoor area. It is portable and typically adjustable and lightweight. You can store them in the shed when not in use. All you have to do is move them to the patio and plug them into the nearest socket when you want to use them.
    • Ceiling Mounted – To supply heat from the ideal height, the heaters are directly mounted to the ceiling. Suitable for warehouses, workshops, etc.
    • Parasol Mounted – Heaters that are attached to umbrellas clamp onto the umbrella pole. They are portable and give the persons seated at the table 360 degrees of heating.

Maintenance –

It requires the least amount of maintenance. You need to just simply keep your heaters clean. This can be done by carefully using a lint-free cloth to wipe the grill after the heater has been turned off.

Conclusion :

Outdoor Infrared Heaters really work great for heating outdoor areas. This is totally eco-friendly, cost-effective and safe. If you want to spend family time in your garden during the winter this is a fantastic way!!


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Stay Warm and Safe with Infrared Foot Warmers 

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No one likes cold feet. Our body struggles to keep warm during winters, but our feet feel the most challenging cold. It is usual to experience cold feet from time to time, but if it becomes difficult to keep your feet warm during winters, infrared foot warmers can help.

You cannot depend on socks to keep your feet warm, even when wearing the fluffiest ones. Cold feet are a normal reaction to more frigid temperatures as the blood vessels in the extremities (hands and feet) constrict when the temperature drops. It results in reduced blood flow in these regions causing loss of heat.

In this article, we will explore infrared foot warmers and how they can help reduce symptoms of cold feet.

What are infrared foot warmers? 

You might be aware of the foot warmers; they are essentially heating pads used to keep the feet warm. Foot warmers are excellent tools for people who suffer from medical conditions like Arthritis and often struggle to keep their feet warm.

The most common foot warmers are battery-powered. These foot warmers are portable that are embedded within socks and insoles. You can wear them on the go wherever you go; however, these portable feet warmers are not as efficient as infrared heating systems. Heating pads used in the battery-powered foot warmers consume much power. They are not effective for long and require frequent charging.

A better alternative is the electric foot warmers that do not rely on battery power. You can control the heat of these foot warmers using the temperature controller.

The problem with electric foot warmers is that they use convection or conduction heating. It’s not the most efficient heating method and consumes much electricity.

Infrared-based foot warmers work the same as an infrared space heater. These warmers use infrared radiation to generate heat. Modern-day infrared foot warmers are specially designed to function as a portable outdoor infrared heater that you can use anywhere you go. Infrared radiation comfortably warms the veins and blood vessels in the feet without overly heating the skin. The infrared heating system works the same as the sunlight. The heat is transferred to the body directly without warming the air like other heating systems. There is no waste of heat to warm the air, and electricity consumption is also less.

Modern infrared foot warmers come with a footswitch to turn them on and off without bending over. It is a much-needed feature for people who have arthritis and joint pain.

Benefits of using infrared foot warmers 

Comfortable heating effect 

Just like an infrared towel heater subtly transfers heat, infrared foot warmers provide great comfort by sharing warmth to the core of the legs. It gives a relaxing effect and eases the tension in the nerves and muscles in the area.

There is a therapeutic effect of such thermal heating. An infrared heating system reenergizes the dormant tissues in the feet, relieving any pain.

Improves blood circulation 

The heat from infrared foot warmers is highly effective in warming the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. It allows blood to circulate much more quickly and raises the overall body’s temperature.

If any cold-induced blockage is constricting the flow of blood in your feet, it can cause cold feet and pain. Infrared foot warmers can help unblock such blockages within the blood circulatory system.

Accelerates the healing process 

Improved blood circulation is effective in making the body warmer, but the increased blood flow in muscles and tendons helps them heal quickly. Due to temperature drops, feet tendon and muscles often get injured in winters due to soreness and conditions like frostbite. By improving the blood flow, infrared foot warmers help a speedy recovery. If your body feels too tense during winters, you can use infrared bathroom heater to relax the entire body muscles.

Help eliminate toxins 

Heat therapy has been used for decades to remove toxins from the body. An infrared heating system can help the body detoxify. Infrared foot warmers push the toxin buildup in the leg region into the bloodstream. Once processed by the blood, sweat releases these toxins from the body.

Helps muscle spasms 

Not only to keep your feet warm during the winters but these foot warmers can also be used to reduce muscle spasms after a long workout.

Heat massage is usually used to relax muscles and get rid of spasms. With an infrared foot warmer, you can treat muscle spasms in the comfort of your home.


Infrared foot warmers can help relax muscle pain and ward off cold feet. These modern appliances are highly modular, like an infrared picture heater. You can put them anywhere in your home or office or use them outdoors to keep your feet warm. If you suffer from cold feet, infrared foot warmers can be an ideal choice.

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Tips on Buying an Infrared Blackboard Heater for Your Home

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An infrared heating system is a new concept for many people. It is understandable to have questions about how this reasonably new heating system for homes works. For some houses, infrared heating might be the perfect solution for all home heating issues. How ideal is an infrared blackboard heater for your home depends on several factors.

This detailed buying guide will explore modern infrared heating systems and share some tips for buying the best-infrared blackboard heater for your home.

What is an infrared heater?

The infrared heating system works by emitting radiant heat, which is the same as when you feel the warmth of the sunlight coming through the window. The heat of the infrared blackboard heater is absorbed by the surfaces and objects in the room and then re-radiated. Through this effect, the things in the room are gradually warmed, providing an enduring form of warmth throughout the day. This is why these heaters are so popular. An infrared space heater can use electricity much more efficiently to heat homes and keep them warm for a longer duration.

Interestingly, contrary to what most people believe, infrared heaters do not heat the air. Infrared radiations travel through the air until they directly contact a person or object. This adds to the efficiency of infrared heaters as no heat is lost in transmission through the air.

How to choose the right infrared blackboard heater?

Decide the type of infrared heaters 

One of the most critical aspects of an indoor infrared heater is the electromagnetic spectrum. The radiations are categorized based on the wavelength, which measures their ability to transfer heat at a distance.

Infrared radiations are categorized as far-infrared, mid-infrared, and near-infrared. When buying an infrared blackboard heater, you should pay attention to its band of wavelengths.

Far Infrared: The gentlest form of infrared gets easily absorbed by the human body. Far infrared creates a more profound sensation of heat which is why it is used in saunas to assist muscle relaxation. An infrared space heater uses far-infrared as it is mellow enough for a broad range of applications.

Longwave Infrared: Both far-infrared and longwave infrared are very similar, so they are often used interchangeably. However, longwave infrared is slightly stronger than far-infrared. A longwave infrared heating system transmits heat at a higher temperature making it suitable for greater distance applications.

If you want to buy an infrared blackboard heater for a spacious area, choose one that uses longwave infrared. These heaters are usually used for lofty interiors with high ceilings, such as churches and meeting halls.

Mediumwave Infrared: As the term suggests, this infrared falls between the intense heat transmission of shortwave radiation and the gentle, long-lasting heating sensation of far infrared. Mediumwave infrared heating systems provide a higher heating temperature suitable for harsh winters. However, you have to sit closer to the heater as they are not as efficient at transmitting heat as the far or longwave infrared heaters.

Shortwave or Near-Infrared: This infrared is used by outdoor heating systems. Shortwave infrared radiates intense heat, so it is used in infrared heating systems designed to offer on-demand heating outside when temperature levels drop. However, this type of infrared heating system is not suitable for all-day heating as it can start to feel overbearing soon.

Near-infrared gets easily absorbed by water, and its heat dissipates quickly, so its warming sensation on the body feels shallow.

Model of infrared heating system 

Wall-mounted infrared blackboard heaters work best because they are designed to radiate a larger infrared volume. The larger surface area of infrared mirror heater can heat the space much more efficiently without losing heat to propagate through the air. An infrared heating system uses far-infrared, which offers a much more relaxing heat sensation.

Due to their energy efficiency and use of far infrared, these heaters can work at a lower surface temperature than traditional sauna heaters. The infrared blackboard heater model is cost-effective and energy-efficient to use.


Type of controls 

When buying an infrared blackboard heater for indoor use, you need to ensure that it comes with accessible operation functionalities. The presence of a wireless remote thermostat is a must to control the heater’s temperature without physical touch.

Also, the finish of the product should match your room interiors. There are designer heaters available. Models like an infrared picture heater integrate flawlessly with the aesthetic of indoor spaces. Buy such models to ensure that your infrared heating system does not stand out like an eyesore.


An infrared blackboard heater is an excellent choice for your home. It offers the ability to heat the spaces without using too much electricity or wasting heat. With the availability of designer models, you can use these heaters indoors without worrying about running the aesthetics of the spaces.

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