3 Tips How To Install Infrared Heating Panels


Installing infrared panel heaters is generally very easy and done fast. Nevertheless, there are 3 points that you should keep in mind in order to take full advantage of the benefits of infrared heating panel and to avoid installation mistakes. How to correctly position, dimension and mount a infrared panel heater is described our following 3 tips.

Tip 1: How many watts and how many infrared panel heaters do I need?

How many watts you need depends on the individual conditions of your home such as insulation and average temperatures. Use our heating calculator in to get an idea of the approximate wattage for your home. However, we recommend consulting a Sundirect dealer who will consult you for free. Because not only is room size and insulation to be considered, but also the local outside temperature etc. For larger rooms, unless you only want one zone to be heated we recommend to install several infrared heating panels instead of one large one to evenly distribute the heat in the room.

Tip 2: Mounting an infrared heating panel in 5 steps

With Sundirect you can choose between different models of infrared heaters. The package contains the complete installation material. All you need is a level, a drill and maybe a meter. Mirror, glass and frameless infrared heaters use the practical Easy-Fit mounting solution. With the enclosed mounting rail, you can easily and safely mount the infrared panel heater within 5 steps, whether on a ceiling or wall. Our video shows you how easy it is.

The second option is our budget PE-Plus series with frame. This series comes without a mounting rail and is hung directly on the screws on the wall. If you want to mount this series on the ceiling, simply order the mounting rail BC004. This infrared heater can also be mounted within 15 minutes. Our video shows you how to!

Once the heater is mounted on the wall, you can either connect it to our thermostat remote controls Smart1.0, Smart1.0 Pro with Wifi or SmartPlug with Wifi.

Tip 3: Finding the best place to mount your infrared panel heater!

When placing an infrared panel heater in a room, there are some things that you can do wrong and ultimately we want to take full advantage of the positive properties of radiant heat. Please note the following:

  • Place your infrared panel heater in such a way that no objects block the heater because the radiant heat does not reach the room otherwise.
  • Objects and walls store radiant heat, so the infrared panel heater should be mounted opposite objects whose material can store heat. Glass and plastic do not have good heat storage properties. So do not place the heater opposite windows!
  • The range of infrared heating panels is approx. 3m. If you want to heat large rooms, mount the it either on the ceiling or mount two heaters on opposite walls.
  • The radiation angle of infrared heaters is about 120 degrees. Keep this in mind to properly place the infrared heater and calculate the ideal distance of the heaters to each other.
  • The mounting height of an infrared panel heater on walls should be at body height.
  • When mounting on a ceiling, do not mount the infrared heater directly above resting zones where you will spend much time in the same position. If the heater is mounted directly above the head, it may cause headaches similar to constant sun exposure. So make sure if mounted above a bed or a desk that the head is not directly under the heater.
  • With infrared panel heaters you have the option to create heated zones within a room. So if you have open spaces, but mainly use only one area, then install the heater in this area. This saves energy!
  • When installing an infrared heater, also pay attention to which walls are specially cold. If you live in an old building, the house insulation is usually poor and it is recommended to place the heater opposite the outer wall to prevent mold. On some blogs, you read that you should install the heater on the outside wall in this case. This is wrong! A good infrared heater, like that of Sundirect, is insulated at the back so that there is very little heat at the back. In addition, the radiation angle does not apply to the back of the heater and only the actual surface of the infrared heater would emit a little heat. If your walls are well insulated, you can place the infrared heater on each wall in the room.
  • Do you have enough space on the wall? If not, we recommend ceiling mounting. A side effect will be that you also heat the floor. This works particularly well with wood, ceramic or natural stone floors, which store the heat particularly well.
  • Do you want to kill two birds with one stone and have a heater that can multi-task? Use an infrared panel heater as a picture, mirror or towel warmer.

Installing an infrared heating panel is relatively quick and simple and if you follow our tips, you will enjoy the warmth of infrared heating for a long time. Are you unsure how to connect the infrared heater in your house or do you not want to install the infrared heater yourself? Then get a free consultation  from a Sundirect dealer!

Sundirect_Team3 Tips How To Install Infrared Heating Panels


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