Heater at full power but still cold feet? Sundirect infrared heater as supplementary heating!


Using an infrared heater as supplementary heating to your existing heating system can result in tremendous energy savings. Here’s why you should use them.

Why using an infrared heater as supplementary heating system?

Rooms such as attics, basements, hobby rooms or garages are often not equipped with heaters. Also, there is usually no piping to which radiators can be connected. Especially in older buildings, heating systems are often incorrectly dimensioned and so it can often feel cold even though the heating is running at full power. In those cases using infrared heating panels alongside your existing heating system is the perfect solution. Since a power connection is available in most rooms it is the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to heat such rooms. Sure, other electric heaters can also be quickly installed and might even have lower investment costs. But if you compare the consumption data of different electric heaters you will see that Sundirect infrared heating panels are much more energy-saving and worthwhile after only a short time. Not to mention that they create a comfortable atmosphere: infrared heating panels work silently, do not circulate hot air or dust and have an appealing look.

Huge savings with infrared panel heaters as transitional heating

During the transitional periods of autumn and spring, high temperature fluctuations are common. Conventional heating systems usually require a lot of time to warm up the whole house. Thus they use lots of energy even though you might just need to use the heater for a few days. One great strength of infrared heating panels is their short reaction time making them a fast and long-lasting solution. They do offer much more flexibility than traditional heating systems for example by just heating specific rooms or even just specific zones within one room.

Supplementary heating in the office will boost your employees’ performance

Sundirect heating panels are not only ideal for your home but also in offices. People who share an office space often struggle with agreeing on one temperature that is comfortable for the whole staff. With infrared heaters as supplementary heating, everybody can set their own comfortable temperature easily creating an efficient work environment for the whole staff. You can create heating zones for each individually allowing every worker to adjust the temperature according to everyone’s individual needs.

How much power does an infrared heater as supplementary heating consume?

This question is hard to answer as it highly depends on factors such as room size, insulation, etc. If you use our infrared heating panels as a stand-alone heating system during spring and autumn you could use our heating calculator to see how many Watt you will need for each room. If you don’t use our infrared heaters as supplementary heaters you could still use the calculator and divide the results by two. This should give you a rough idea of how much energy is needed. We would be more than happy to consult with you if you have any questions. We’ll gladly put you in touch with an authorized Sundirect dealer in your area for a free consultation too.

Sundirect_TeamHeater at full power but still cold feet? Sundirect infrared heater as supplementary heating!


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  • Ralf - November 24, 2017

    Best heating technology, my wife has no cold feet anymore 🙂

  • Sundirect - December 24, 2017

    Hi Ralf,
    Thanks for your positive response.
    We will keep working on the innovation and development of producing the comfortable and efficient heaters.
    Sundirect Infrared team!

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