Sundirect is launching a new smart Wifi controller- Smartplug

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Sundirect Infrared is proud to announce the launch of a new Smart controller, an addition to our thermostat range – the SmartPlug. 

Designed and developed by the engineering team in Austria, SmartPlug is a very unique heating control solution that we specially created for our infrared heaters. If offers a modern appearance as well as a very simple but functional control solution. 

The advantages of SmartPlug compared to current heating thermostats available on the market are vast: 

a). Plug&Play heating control solution. No hard wiring needed, no need to plug in the panel into the thermostat. With SmartPlug there is no electrician needed. In order to pair Smart Plug to the plus range Sundirect heater, plug the Smartplug to the electrical socket, press a button each on the panel as well as the Smartplug, and you are ready to control your infrared heating system. 

b). Simple operation. Connecting the SmartPlug to the Sundirect Smart App takes maximum 2-3 minutes if your internet connection is stable. After the set up, the control over your heating will be at your fingertips. 

c). Uniquely intelligent: With Sundirect Smart, you can remotely monitor and operate your infrared heating system, turn on and off, adjust the room temperature, modify the daily program with 4 time zones per day, set the schedule for your vacation period. In the meantime, you can also voice control your SmartPlug via Amazon Alexa or Google Home if you have any of these devices at home.  

d). Massive savings: Using SmartPlug, we believe you can have at least 25% more savings compared to basic thermostats. 

e). Ultimate flexibility: Because of the wireless control between the SmartPlug and the “Plus” panel, Basically you can position your SmartPlug wherever you want, there is no limitation of the location as long as the SmartPlug is within the communication distance to the heater (35m in the open area).

“Sundirect’s reputation has been built on developing and supplying innovative infrared heating systems, which means we are not only supplying high-quality infrared heaters but are also providing the market with innovative heating control solutions. SmartPlug is one of the ideal control solutions that combines Wifi and Plug&Play options.” Quoted by Mr Lee Shao, the CEO of Sundirect Technology Ltd.

The Smartplug is estimated to be available in Innsbruck by 24th December. Please contact our sales team for updated availability information at

Check out the detail specifications on the Smartplug Page

Sundirect_TeamSundirect is launching a new smart Wifi controller- Smartplug

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