New EU ecodesign requirements: How do they affect infrared heaters?

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We have always emphasized that you should use infrared heaters (or any heating system for that matter) in conjunction with a thermostat. Did you know that this year this actually become mandatory? We explain what the new EU ecodesign requirements are all about and how they will benefit you.

What are the requirements of the new ERP directive (LOT20)*?

According to the new ERP directive (LOT20) from 2018 on all infrared heaters as well as other electric, oil and gas heaters must be sold and used together with a thermostat. But beware that not all thermostats comply with the ecodesign requirements. Using a mechanic thermostat or even an electronic room temperature control with simple day timer function is just not enough anymore. The new ERP directive (LOT20 ) ensures that users will heat as energy efficient as possible this year. This can only be achieved with more advanced temperature control systems.

Which functions should a thermostat have?

There are several functions that would be good to have, but not all are actually necessary to comply with the ecodesign requirements. 

  • electronic room temperature control plus week timer
  • room temperature control, with presence de­tection
  • room temperature control, with open window detection
  • distance control option (Wifi control option)
  • adaptive start control
  • working time limitation
  • black bulb sensor

The more functions your thermostat has, the more energy you can actually save!

Sundirect’s solution to the new ecodesign requirements

Sundirect is committed to not only comply with the new ecodesign directive but to bring you the most energy efficient and user-friendly solution out there. In 2018 we upgraded our temperature control systems specifically to save energy and to create a convenient user experience. At the same time, we improved the design and integration with our infrared heaters.

We are not just offering you an add-on thermostat anymore. We are offering a thermostat that is specifically designed to use with our heaters with an invisibly integrated receiver on the backside of the panel. No need for bulky plug-in thermostats or box receivers on the wall anymore. You will have two choices of thermostats with different functions both fully compliant with the new ecodesign directive and tested by TUV – Smart1.0 and Smart1.0 Pro. Smart One Pro offers all the functions of Smart One plus a WIFI function. It can be operated with Sundirect’s App conveniently from your mobile phone or tablet. Find out more about Sundirect’s new thermostats now!

*Official Directive of the European Parliament and Council

Sundirect_TeamNew EU ecodesign requirements: How do they affect infrared heaters?

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