Infrared heating panels: ceiling or wall mounting?

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You are thinking about buying infrared heating panels but are not sure whether to mount them on the ceiling or wall? We give you some useful tips about which mounting method is suitable for different scenarios! Generally, all Sundirect infrared heating panels of the standard framed PE-Plus and frameless IC-Plus series can be mounted on both ceiling and wall. You just need to make sure that the infrared heating panels are not blocked by furniture or other objects. This way the infrared rays can heat up the bodies of the people in the room without any obstacles.

Why Infrared heating panels on the ceiling?

From an interior design perspective, the infrared ceiling heater offers one clear advantage to the wall heater: The infrared heating panels are hardly noticeable and don’t take any space up in the room. You don’t have to squeeze in the heaters between furniture, on the ceiling the infrared heating panels can be installed anywhere in the room. You can integrate infrared heating panels also into dropped ceilings just like lighting fixtures making them almost impossible to spot.

If you want to heat very large rooms like restaurants or open office spaces the infrared ceiling heater is the ideal solution. Infrared rays can reach a distance of approximately 3m. This means that in large rooms wall installation might not be possible as the distance from the heater might be too long. Installed on the ceiling you can turn on the heaters in the proximity of people only and thereby creating heating zones. Areas that aren’t in use e.g. when an employee is on sick leave can simply stay unheated. This kind of heat zoning is a much more efficient way of heating saving you lots of money.

If mounted on the ceiling infrared heating panels shouldn’t be placed directly above your head in areas that you spend lots of time such as your desk. Make sure there is an angle towards the heater as direct exposure too close to the head can be perceived as uncomfortable as if sitting in direct sunshine for a longer time. Position the infrared heating panel just a few centimetres away from your head and you can enjoy the comfortable heat.

Why infrared heating panels on the wall?

A benefit of mounting infrared heating panels on walls is that the opposite wall absorbs the infrared rays and thereby is being heated. Especially older buildings with minimal insulation will benefit from this heating method since outer walls can be dried up and mold can be prevented. Because outer walls store the heat, less cold from outside will be released into the room. Thereby the room temperature will be more constant. If infrared wall heaters are mounted low also the floor will be heated creating almost an effect like a underfloor heating. For example, you can install a small infrared heating panel under your desk providing you always with warm feet.

Ultimately, where you install your infrared heating panel will depend on the architecture of the room and your personal needs. Contact a Sundirect dealer in your area to get a detailed consultation and planning of your infrared heating system.

Sundirect_TeamInfrared heating panels: ceiling or wall mounting?

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