Why are infrared heaters popular in European countries?

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Most of the European countries remain extremely cold during winter season. On an average the temperature in European countries even reaches -2°C which is pretty cold. To keep themselves warm and healthy, most of the Europeans prefer to have infrared heating system in their homes. These heaters do direct heating instead of heating the air first. In infrared heating system 80% of heating is utilized while 20% of get wasted. Thus it has high efficiency as compared to the traditional heaters, in which most of the heat gets wasted in heating air.

Reasons Behind Popularity of Infrared Heating System in European countries

  • Immediate and continuous heat

Because of such harsh winter seasons, people always prefer to have immediate feeling of warmth after switching of the heater. Only infrared indoor heaters can fulfill such demand, as this appliance doesn’t waste time in heating up the room’s air. Also, infrared radiations are absorbed by all the objects present in the room like fan, ceiling floor, walls, and other things. Once absorbed these objects start emitting the heat back to the room and this process maintains the room temperature for a longer duration.

  • Warm walls, floor and ceilings

With time, you will see that infrared heaters will require less energy to maintain the comfortable temperature. Your room surface and objects will accumulate the heat and it will take less time for heater to heat them up again. You can even see that your room walls remain warm throughout the day.

  • No dampness formation

As infrared heaters evenly heat the walls, many European people have found that they have got rid of wall dampness. Buildings that face the problem of dampness and wet walls in Europe can solve that in 2-4 weeks with these infrared heaters. Hence for European countries infrared heater is a smart choice.

  • Efficient for hospitals, clinics and spa centers

In Europe, infrared heaters are widely used in health and sports organization to meet the heating needs. Have you ever heard about Hot Yoga? Infrared heaters are mostly used at such place in many parts of European countries.


What happens when Traditional Heating System is used?

Mostly in traditional heating system, heaters firstly heat up the air. Such technique spread bacteria and virus in the atmosphere. Hence many of the European countries have decided to use infrared heaters to minimize the risk involved.

Energy Consumption in indoor or outdoor infrared heaters

  • Average Use

With its technique of heating up all the objects present in the room, which further emit heats to maintain room temperature, it is sufficient to use infrared heaters only for 2-5 hours per day.

  • Energy Limit

There is no problem with the energy limit of infrared heaters. You can use number of heaters based on the space you want to cover. These infrared heaters are suitable both for apartments and bungalows.

  • Save a lot on electricity bills

If you use gas, oil or other heating sources, it may face too many expenses. The reason behind this is to maintain the warm temperature you need to run the traditional heaters for long duration. As traditional heaters heat up air, their energy consumption is high.

  • Integrated Smart Thermostat

Most of the infrared heaters contain smart thermostats and thus it becomes easy for consumers to operate the heater with remote or smartphones. Thus, any of your family members can control the smart heater from any corner of the home.

Popular health Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Boost immune system

Wavelength which infrared heater produces is naturally absorbed by our human body. Such cozy and warm heat results in expansion of our capillaries and thus enhances regeneration of our red blood. Such process is crucial for detoxification of our major organs. Such thermal radiations are also found to have good impact in reducing stress and Lyme disease.

These radiations improve blood supply to muscles which can heal muscular pain or wound.

Allergy reduction

In traditional form of heating, heat was firstly transferred to air, which results in upward movement of air in the room. This process circulates dust and allergens in the air. People with breathing allergies find it difficult to remain in such environment.


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  • Infrared heaters efficiently maintain the room temperature and are much efficient for European countries where winters are extremely cool.
  • Technological advancement has made efficient usage of electromagnetic radiations for the benefit of human beings.
  • People must take precautions while dealing with infrared heaters, just like they used to take with traditional heaters.
  • Infrared has some exceptional health benefits which were not found in conventional heating technique.
  • It saves a lot in your electricity bills.

I hope through this blog you have understood the importance of infrared heaters in European countries. Such heaters are now becoming popular in all the countries irrespective of the continent.

SundirectWhy are infrared heaters popular in European countries?
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Why do you need an Infrared Heater to Keep the Bathroom Warm?

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Do you want to get a spa-like treatment in your bathroom? Go with an infrared bathroom heater. Today in this blog, we will discuss everything about bathroom heaters, from their dimension to their advantages. Read the entire content to know whether you need bathroom heaters as supplementary or for central heating. Infrared heaters can give you the perfect warmth you need to feel cosy in your home or bathroom.


Why Infrared Bathroom Heater ?

An infrared bathroom heater works really well when it comes to heating the bathroom space. It has several advantages that tell you why you should install this type of heater in your bathroom.

  • Space Saving:  Infrared heaters are available in various mounting options and can be easily integrated into your bathroom. Mirror and glass heaters can give an elegant look to your bathroom with desired warmth. Infrared ceiling heaters are almost invisible in the bathroom and are suitable for small-size bathrooms with no wall space.
  • Mould Prevention: Wall moulds are much more common in rooms which always remain wet, like your bathroom. Infrared Heaters works well against mold. so it really helps to prevention from mold. This heater warm the wall instead of air, making it perfect for bathrooms.
  • Easy Installation: Infrared heaters are easy to install and can be shifted to another place if you change your home. Because of the plug-and-play system, infrared heaters can be mounted in 15 min in your bathroom. Its installation doesn’t require any complicated tools or any specialist.
  • Wellness Feeling: These infrared radiations heat our body directly without heating the air first. Skin absorption in the body gives you the same warmth you get while standing in direct sunlight. Particularly when you take sunbathe on a beach.
  • Energy-saving: As compared to energy heaters, infrared consumes less power. Also, because of its automatic sensation of heat, it controls the temperature, thus saving more energy. Also, its principle of heating objects results in minimum heat loss.
  • No Maintenance: No cost is required to maintain this device, and hence this saves your additional cost.


Alternative for Wifi Controllable Infrared Bathroom Heater : 

  • Infrared Mirror Heater (with Light)
  • Infrared Towel Warmer
  • Infrared Ceiling Heaters or Wall Mounted


Which type of heater will be suitable for your bathroom?

Besides providing a suitable heating sensation, infrared mirror heaters can add elegance to your bathroom. It is impossible to recognize these infrared mirror heaters if installed in the bathroom and thus they are aptly suitable for small bathrooms. They can also be equipped with towel rails. Also, these heaters never steam up, so you can always enjoy a clear view while switching on the heater.

The second option is the infrared towel heater. It also combines elegance with functionality. These heaters are available in various colors, usually white and black, and like mirror heaters, these can also be equipped with towel rails. Installing towel rails will give you warm towels and socks in winter. You will surely love such cosiness.

If your bathroom is very small and can’t accommodate heaters, it’s better to use infrared ceiling heaters. These heaters can be easily installed on the bathroom ceiling, ensuring a uniform heat through them when switched ‘ON’.

Infrared Bathroom Heater – Best Heating Solution to Warm up the Small Space.

If you want a cost-effective heater in your bathroom to get extra cosiness, then go with infrared bathroom heaters. You can use such heaters for a short interval instead of keeping them ‘ON’ for hours to heat the entire house. Infrared mirrors and towel heaters can perfectly match your bathroom design.


How I can Install ?

It is pretty simple to install infrared bathroom heaters. It would help if you use a thermostat to maximize power. You can easily install the heater through a plug-in thermostat without calling any electrician. If you want to hide wires, you can choose a thermostat which connects to your wiring and conceals all the cables in the wall.

Heat the showroom with Sundirect heaters

Power and Cost for Infrared Bathroom Heater –

About 4 degrees above the outside temperature is considered pleasant. As per the dimension of your bathroom, you can choose the bathroom heater.

It is preferable to use infrared heaters in your bathroom and other areas. For a bathroom area of 7sqm, ideally, you should purchase a 500W heater. If your electricity price is 0.25€/kWh, then your average cost per hour of heater will be 12.5cents.

It implies that if you run the heater for 4h in a day, your average cost will be 0.5€ per day.


Final Takeaway

Infrared heaters are becoming popular in the current era because of their energy-saving properties and the comfort and warmth it gives in the bathroom and other rooms of your home. Conventional heaters only heat air, and the hot air lifts up in the room towards the ceiling, whereas infrared heating panels heat objects.

So, don’t wait; this winter, install an infrared bathroom heater to get a cosy and comfortable bathing feeling. These infrared indoor heaters are energy-efficient, cost-effective and are easy to install at any place.

SundirectWhy do you need an Infrared Heater to Keep the Bathroom Warm?
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