Office Ceiling grid, China

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Office ceiling grid project in China

Property Office ceiling grid
Location Hangzhou, China
Heated area About 80 square meters
Heaters 20PCS PE350
Heating capacity 7kW
Mounting type Integrated into the ceiling grid
Heating purpose Use infrared heater to heat the whole office space
Background of project and testimonial This is an 80 square meter office space. The insulation is not very good as it is an office inside an old factory. Previously the customer used the air conditioning to heat, but the air conditioner blows out hot air which is very uncomfortable and also consumes a lot of electricity. They decided to change to heat with Sundirect 60*60cm PE350 ceiling grid panels, resulting in considerable energy savings after changing to a full infrared heating system.
sundirectOffice Ceiling grid, China
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Kindergarten, Norway

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Kindergarten heated by Sundirect infrared heating panels

Property Kindergarten-Blåmann Barnehage
Location Kristiansand, Norway
Heaters 16PCS 120×60 PE700 infrared panels
Heating capacity 11.2kW
Heated area 140-150㎡
Mounting type Ceiling mounting
Heating purpose Sundirect ceiling panel PE700 as main heating system
Installer/dealer Provida Varme
Background of project and testimonial This kindergarten was looking for a high quality, safe, comfortable and quietly operating heating system. They chose Sundirect ceiling panel heaters to heat the whole kindergarten since infrared heaters are one of the best options for this kind of application. All 16 heaters were mounted on the ceiling so that the children can’t touch them. Due to the ceiling mounting, the heat distributes evenly across the room, and compared to normal convection heaters, the room is never getting too dry, which creates a very comfortable atmosphere.
sundirectKindergarten, Norway
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Body treatment studio, Czech Republic

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Body treatment studio in Czech using Sundirect glass heaters

Property Body treatment studio
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Heaters Glass printed art heaters GD700-Art and white glass heaters
Mounting type Wall mounted
Heating purpose Heating body treatment studio with Sundirect infrared panels
Installer/dealer Xenylla
Background of project and testimonial

The wellness body treatment studio, CYRO LIFE, in central Prague, Czech Republic offers a spa and other wellness body treatments. They required exclusive heaters with an elegant design, making our glass heater series a perfect match for this project. A mix of white panel heaters and customized printed glass heaters were installed. The result was a beautiful design with premium printing quality on the glass. The combination of white glass heaters and printed heaters perfectly fit in the relaxing environment of this wellness studio.

sundirectBody treatment studio, Czech Republic
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Apartment project, Austria

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Apartment project in Austria using Sundirect panel heaters

Property Apartment project
Location Vienna, Austria
Heaters PE270, PE350, GD350, GD500, in total 25 panels
Heating capacity Totally 8kW
Mounting type Wall mounted and ceiling mounted
Heating purpose Sundirect infrared heating panel installed in new apartments
sundirectApartment project, Austria
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Restaurant, Slovenia

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Restaurant in Slovenia heated by Sundirect infrared panel

Property Restaurant
Location Slovenia
Heated area About 100 square meters
Heaters 5PCS PE1000
Heating capacity 5kW
Mounting type Ceiling mounted
Heating purpose Sundirect infrared panel heaters to heat up the restaurant
Installer/dealer IR paneli d.o.o.
Background of project and testimonial In this restaurant in Slovenia, the owner used a traditional heating system previously. As he wasn’t satisfied with the performance he switched to infrared panel heaters. The whole project was equipped with Sundirect panels and control systems. All panels are ceiling mounted saving a lot of space for this customer. After two years using Sundirect panel heaters, the restaurant owner is very pleased.
sundirectRestaurant, Slovenia
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Hospital hallway, Netherlands

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Hospital hallways in Netherlands heated with Sundirect panels

Property Hospital hallways
Location Nirmanjen, Netherlands
Heated area Around 200 square meters
Heaters 18PCS PE700
Heating capacity 12.6kW
Mounting type Integrated into ceiling grid
Heating purpose Heating the hallways inside the hospital
Installer/dealer Energieneutraal
Background of project and testimonial This hospital was equipped with a heating system in the rooms already and was looking for a heating solution for the hallways only. Due to the limited space and wiring connections, Sundirect infrared heating panels seamlessly integrated into the 60*120cm ceiling grid were the ideal solution. In total 18PCS of PE700 were installed. The customer is very happy with the heating performance of Sundirect infrared heating panels and their discreet and modern design.
sundirectHospital hallway, Netherlands
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