Hospital hallways in Netherlands heated with Sundirect panels

Property Hospital hallways
Location Nirmanjen, Netherlands
Heated area Around 200 square meters
Heaters 18PCS PE700
Heating capacity 12.6kW
Mounting type Integrated into ceiling grid
Heating purpose Heating the hallways inside the hospital
Installer/dealer Energieneutraal
Background of project and testimonial This hospital was equipped with a heating system in the rooms already and was looking for a heating solution for the hallways only. Due to the limited space and wiring connections, Sundirect infrared heating panels seamlessly integrated into the 60*120cm ceiling grid were the ideal solution. In total 18PCS of PE700 were installed. The customer is very happy with the heating performance of Sundirect infrared heating panels and their discreet and modern design.
sundirectHospital hallway, Netherlands