Selecting The Right space Heater For Your Home

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During winters, using a space heater is the best way to raise the temperature in your home and add some warmth to any space of your house. Space heaters for your home are usually available in lot of shapes, sizes and costs which often help to offset the utility expenses required by a house during winters. There are a number of space heaters in the market who boast a lot about their special features like automatic oscillation and digital control.

Choosing one among these which is cost worthy and perfect for you house maybe a difficult task. Some ways of selecting the right space heater for your home are   :-

  1. Type of Heater

The first and a major factor which is to be considered when buying a space heater for your home is what type of heater would best suit your home. While one can find a number of heaters in the market, the two most popular types considered by people when selecting a space heater for their home are   :-

  • Infrared Space Heater : These are considered as the most popular type of space heater when it comes to selecting one for your home. The infrared heating systems make sure that enough heat is received by the most used places in your home. There are also far infrared space heaters available which take advantage of the unique warming properties and get easily absorbed by the skin of humans. The infrared space heaters are altogether called infrared outdoor heaters.
  • Convection Heaters : These type of heaters usually have a forced air feature which allows them to heat up a space much faster. It has the capability to heat up more people as it heats up a whole room.


  1. Heating Capacity

When choosing a space heater for your home, it is really important to determine the area in which the heater would be used to heat up. Normally heaters use around 10 watts when heating around 1 square foot in an average home. If the general ‘ Thumb Rule’ is applied, then a space heater of around 1500 watts would be enough to heat up your home covering an area of about 150 square feet space as a supplementary source. However, at some point this differs when it comes to different brands and models.


  1. Energy Efficient

Everyone wants to get the best heater which does not put on a heavy pressure when it come to the monthly electric bill of their home. It is always a good idea to compare the power efficiency before choosing a space heater for your home or at the end of the day when you get a huge electricity bill handed to you, the only option you will be left over will be to regret. Choosing a heater which have been equipped with special features like energy saving modes, adjustable thermostats, low wattage, and programmable timers can help minimize the power usage and promote saving for your home expenses.


  1. Noise Levels

Like all the other electrical appliances, electric space heaters also emit noise which may sound irritating to a lot of people. However, there are some models available in the market which emit comparatively less noise which can be handled by people. For silent operation of the space heater in a quiet environment like your home, it is best to consider non – fan – forced units like a base – board heater which usually excels at heating up a room faster with zero interruptions made with its noise or an oil – filled radiant heater which works well specially in the most silent area like bedroom.


  1. Safety Measures

It is observed that if the portable heaters are not well monitored, they end up becoming fire hazards. It is extremely important to consider the safety measure when buying a space heater for you home in order to significantly reduce the risk which would be possessed by fires. In order to make the equipment safe enough, manufacturers make their space heaters with cool to touch surfaces and also install other advanced safety features for extra security. Choose a space heater which has an internal automatic shut off switch whenever the heater is accidentally tipped over or knocked down. Remember to ensure that the space heater you choose is equipped with overheating protection feature.



Choosing one space heater for your home from thousands of options available in the market is probably the most difficult job and would take up hours of research on the internet or moving on from shop to shop in the physical market. Considering the above points automatically saves your hours of research as it brings down your buying options to only the best which would fit in your budget and also be the best in its work of heating your home.

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