The Advantages of Using an Infrared Space Heater in Your Home

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Human society has always tried to find safer and more secure solutions for bringing comfort within the walls of their homes. Everyone wants to create a compost and conducive aura in the house where every member can live healthy and heartily. Therefore, multiple appliances are now an invincible part of many homes to endorse an effortless lifestyle. For example, infrared radiation is actively used in a smart infrared space heater.

Infrared as the new mode of heating

Infrared space heaters are heating systems used indoors and outdoors to elevate the warmth of a particular area, focusing the heat on people and items there. This heat transmission is through radiation, just like the light energy from the sun. But, these radiations are invisible to human eyes because of their high wavelengths.

Infrared heaters are of three types depending upon the wavelengths of the radiations emitted. Near-infrared heaters, medium infrared heaters, and a far infrared space heater are the three types of heaters available. These are silent, dust-proof, and cost-effective solutions to design your homes. Plus, they add to the overall beauty of the space with their simple designs.

The advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters vary depending on the type of material used and the wavelengths it works upon.

Benefits of Installing an Infrared Heater in Your Room

Using an infrared space heater for your home can offer several advantages. Conventional heaters were quite heavy and difficult to handle. And they released carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air, creating pollution and allergic reactions.

Energy-efficient: Infrared space heaters have high energy efficiency. They can convert all the energy they consume into heat. As a result, there is minimal wastage compared to traditional heaters.

Cost-effective: These are affordable and reliable options for creating a conducive environment. As they have high energy efficiency, they can warm up a room more quickly and maintain a constant temperature, reducing the need for prolonged use and resulting in minimum electric charges. In addition, they need very little maintenance costs.

Instant heat production: Infrared heaters emit radiation, warming every object and individual directly in their way. Therefore, you get instant heat without waiting for long. Further, this direct heating method gives faster comfort compared to traditional heaters that work on convection.

Zonal heating: Modern infrared heaters ideally work for zonal heating. It focuses on a particular area instead of warming the entire room. Moreover, this targeted heating allows a reduction in energy consumption without wasting it on unoccupied spaces.

No noise: Infrared heaters are calm and compact. It means they operate silently because they don’t rely on a fan to spread the heat. Thus, you can concentrate on your work or enjoy time with friends in a quiet environment.

Air enhancement: Traditional heaters worked on fuel burning and released many byproducts into the air. Infrared heaters can operate without combustion. Therefore, they don’t produce dust, allergens, or dry air. Indoor air quality is pure and breathable. The heat removes the dampness of the rooms and enhances the air quality for people having asthma.

Additional benefits

Portable: Many infrared space heaters are light in weight and have sleek designs. Therefore, you can easily pick them up and place them in a different room, providing heat customisation. Additionally, these portable infrared heater panel has in-built adjustable heat settings and timers, giving you greater control over the temperature and operation.

Versatile: These infrared heaters are compatible for indoor and outdoor uses. Plus, they have customisation options for creating a comfortable, convenient, and compact heating solution for rooms and gardens.

Safe and secure: These modern infrared heaters have multiple internal mechanisms to ensure customer-friendly working and safety features like tip-over protection, overheating shut-off, motion sensors, voice commands, and more. These features ensure safety and give users peace of mind while using the heaters.

Recent infrared heaters are designed to adjust with solar panels. Thus, even if there is no electricity, the heater will warm your home using solar energy.

Points to keep in mind

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, clear the spaces if there is an obstruction in the way of heat waves, keep your distance from combustible materials, and never leave the heater unattended or operating while you are not in the room or asleep.

They save time, money, and effort. Plus, they supplement other decor items in your home. Thus, you do not have to compromise with the design of your space. Some of the benefits help you select one for your interiors.


To conclude, one must know the specifications and boundaries of various infrared heating systems. Additionally, some heaters emit a combination of infrared wavelengths, providing a broader heating spectrum. Therefore, people should select an infrared heater following their specific heating needs, desired heating effects, and the small or large-scale application to buy the best. Every heating system has advantages and disadvantages, but the selection is up to you. Consider your space, people, intention, and budget constraints before investing.

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Can You Safely Use an Infrared Space Heater at Night in Your Room?

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The words ‘winter’ and ‘chilly’ complement each other. Even if the temperature outside is harsh; you can still enjoy it in your home under a toasty blanket, with a book in your hand, and sipping wine. You can also gaze outside the window to see the wonderland and falling snow.
But what will happen if your indoor space is as chilly as the outdoor one? If you can’t afford to pay the high monthly bills by using traditional heaters, you probably need to search for a better option to maintain the room temperature. A bit of research will let you know about infrared space heaters. It may sound good, but you might remain concerned about the safety issues of these electrical appliances.

The good news is that modern infrared heaters are very safe to use even when left unattended during the night, even while you are sleeping. But ensure that you are using a reputed infrared space heater that is certified by three testing organizations and contains the features like tip-over protection, automatic shutoff, adjustable thermostat, and shutoff timer.

Best Practices for using an Infrared Space Heater

Although you might be concerned about leaving the infrared heaters to switch on for a whole night, by following the below-mentioned guidelines, you can easily use these heaters at night as they are completely safe to do so.

Keep heaters away from flammable things.

It would help if you kept your heater in an appropriate place to ensure safety. You should keep the heater 3 feet away from things like curtains, pillows, beds, blankets, rugs and clothes. Also, please keep it away from furniture like sofas, chairs, etc. Put them on a wooden floor instead of a carpet. Always remember that your space heater needs space.

Make use of a grounded outlet.

Usually, heaters use 1,500 watts of power when run at their full capacity. That implies the circuit overloading will happen if you run too many devices simultaneously. Also, avoid plugging the infrared heater into an extended cord, as it may not be designed to run a lot of wattage through it. Ensure to use a grounded outlet that contains three prongs. Avoid two-prong sockets, as they don’t provide any way to ground the electricity.

Avoid using the heater as a supplemental dryer.

As already discussed, you must put your heater away from flammable materials. Hence don’t use it to dry your clothes. Never drape towels, socks or other items near the heater. Any of these items could catch fire if they come in contact with the heater. Clothes can also block the vents, which may result in overheating.

Now, you might have understood that if used safely, infrared heaters can keep you warm in winter without putting much burden of electricity bills on your pocket.

Infrared Space Heater

Features to look in your Infrared Indoor Heater

To ensure safety, check the below features in your infrared heater:

  • Automatic Shut off: Your heater should sense the temperature rise. This way, it will automatically come in shut down mode and avoid the risk of sparking or fire.
  • Tip-over protection: It is especially important if you have kids and pets in your home. This feature allows the heater to shut down if knocked over. It will protect you from any hazards if anyone runs over the heater at night.
  • Safety certification: You must check the labels of the reputed company on the heater, which shows that the product meets the safety standard and has undergone three-level testing.
  • Timer: This feature will allow you to decide how long your heater will be switched on during nighttime. This feature will allow the heater to switch off automatically as per your settings. It is a crucial feature during nighttime.

Know about Space Heaters

Before you decide which heater will be the best for your home, you must know the basics of a space heater. Unlike the traditional centralized heaters, which heat the entire home, space heaters will only heat the room you are using. These heaters use convection and radiation to heat the space and are available in various shapes and sizes.

New Heaters vs Old Heaters

Modern heaters have many benefits over traditional ones. They use new technologies which offer greater efficiency and safety. If you are looking for a portable heater, you must ensure that it never becomes a safety hazard for your family. New space heaters usually have an automatic shutoff feature, which keeps you away from residential fires. Safety is an uncompromising factor for everyone. Hence it’s always better to go with infrared heaters as they also have a wireless remote thermostat to control them remotely or through a mobile app even when you are not at home.

Final Takeaway

So how will you ensure that infrared space heaters are safe for you? Follow the above guidelines to make the maximum utilization of these heaters without facing any safety hazards.

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Stay Warm and Safe with Infrared Foot Warmers 

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No one likes cold feet. Our body struggles to keep warm during winters, but our feet feel the most challenging cold. It is usual to experience cold feet from time to time, but if it becomes difficult to keep your feet warm during winters, infrared foot warmers can help.

You cannot depend on socks to keep your feet warm, even when wearing the fluffiest ones. Cold feet are a normal reaction to more frigid temperatures as the blood vessels in the extremities (hands and feet) constrict when the temperature drops. It results in reduced blood flow in these regions causing loss of heat.

In this article, we will explore infrared foot warmers and how they can help reduce symptoms of cold feet.

What are infrared foot warmers? 

You might be aware of the foot warmers; they are essentially heating pads used to keep the feet warm. Foot warmers are excellent tools for people who suffer from medical conditions like Arthritis and often struggle to keep their feet warm.

The most common foot warmers are battery-powered. These foot warmers are portable that are embedded within socks and insoles. You can wear them on the go wherever you go; however, these portable feet warmers are not as efficient as infrared heating systems. Heating pads used in the battery-powered foot warmers consume much power. They are not effective for long and require frequent charging.

A better alternative is the electric foot warmers that do not rely on battery power. You can control the heat of these foot warmers using the temperature controller.

The problem with electric foot warmers is that they use convection or conduction heating. It’s not the most efficient heating method and consumes much electricity.

Infrared-based foot warmers work the same as an infrared space heater. These warmers use infrared radiation to generate heat. Modern-day infrared foot warmers are specially designed to function as a portable outdoor infrared heater that you can use anywhere you go. Infrared radiation comfortably warms the veins and blood vessels in the feet without overly heating the skin. The infrared heating system works the same as the sunlight. The heat is transferred to the body directly without warming the air like other heating systems. There is no waste of heat to warm the air, and electricity consumption is also less.

Modern infrared foot warmers come with a footswitch to turn them on and off without bending over. It is a much-needed feature for people who have arthritis and joint pain.

Benefits of using infrared foot warmers 

Comfortable heating effect 

Just like an infrared towel heater subtly transfers heat, infrared foot warmers provide great comfort by sharing warmth to the core of the legs. It gives a relaxing effect and eases the tension in the nerves and muscles in the area.

There is a therapeutic effect of such thermal heating. An infrared heating system reenergizes the dormant tissues in the feet, relieving any pain.

Improves blood circulation 

The heat from infrared foot warmers is highly effective in warming the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. It allows blood to circulate much more quickly and raises the overall body’s temperature.

If any cold-induced blockage is constricting the flow of blood in your feet, it can cause cold feet and pain. Infrared foot warmers can help unblock such blockages within the blood circulatory system.

Accelerates the healing process 

Improved blood circulation is effective in making the body warmer, but the increased blood flow in muscles and tendons helps them heal quickly. Due to temperature drops, feet tendon and muscles often get injured in winters due to soreness and conditions like frostbite. By improving the blood flow, infrared foot warmers help a speedy recovery. If your body feels too tense during winters, you can use infrared bathroom heater to relax the entire body muscles.

Help eliminate toxins 

Heat therapy has been used for decades to remove toxins from the body. An infrared heating system can help the body detoxify. Infrared foot warmers push the toxin buildup in the leg region into the bloodstream. Once processed by the blood, sweat releases these toxins from the body.

Helps muscle spasms 

Not only to keep your feet warm during the winters but these foot warmers can also be used to reduce muscle spasms after a long workout.

Heat massage is usually used to relax muscles and get rid of spasms. With an infrared foot warmer, you can treat muscle spasms in the comfort of your home.


Infrared foot warmers can help relax muscle pain and ward off cold feet. These modern appliances are highly modular, like an infrared picture heater. You can put them anywhere in your home or office or use them outdoors to keep your feet warm. If you suffer from cold feet, infrared foot warmers can be an ideal choice.

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Tips on Buying an Infrared Blackboard Heater for Your Home

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An infrared heating system is a new concept for many people. It is understandable to have questions about how this reasonably new heating system for homes works. For some houses, infrared heating might be the perfect solution for all home heating issues. How ideal is an infrared blackboard heater for your home depends on several factors.

This detailed buying guide will explore modern infrared heating systems and share some tips for buying the best-infrared blackboard heater for your home.

What is an infrared heater?

The infrared heating system works by emitting radiant heat, which is the same as when you feel the warmth of the sunlight coming through the window. The heat of the infrared blackboard heater is absorbed by the surfaces and objects in the room and then re-radiated. Through this effect, the things in the room are gradually warmed, providing an enduring form of warmth throughout the day. This is why these heaters are so popular. An infrared space heater can use electricity much more efficiently to heat homes and keep them warm for a longer duration.

Interestingly, contrary to what most people believe, infrared heaters do not heat the air. Infrared radiations travel through the air until they directly contact a person or object. This adds to the efficiency of infrared heaters as no heat is lost in transmission through the air.

How to choose the right infrared blackboard heater?

Decide the type of infrared heaters 

One of the most critical aspects of an indoor infrared heater is the electromagnetic spectrum. The radiations are categorized based on the wavelength, which measures their ability to transfer heat at a distance.

Infrared radiations are categorized as far-infrared, mid-infrared, and near-infrared. When buying an infrared blackboard heater, you should pay attention to its band of wavelengths.

Far Infrared: The gentlest form of infrared gets easily absorbed by the human body. Far infrared creates a more profound sensation of heat which is why it is used in saunas to assist muscle relaxation. An infrared space heater uses far-infrared as it is mellow enough for a broad range of applications.

Longwave Infrared: Both far-infrared and longwave infrared are very similar, so they are often used interchangeably. However, longwave infrared is slightly stronger than far-infrared. A longwave infrared heating system transmits heat at a higher temperature making it suitable for greater distance applications.

If you want to buy an infrared blackboard heater for a spacious area, choose one that uses longwave infrared. These heaters are usually used for lofty interiors with high ceilings, such as churches and meeting halls.

Mediumwave Infrared: As the term suggests, this infrared falls between the intense heat transmission of shortwave radiation and the gentle, long-lasting heating sensation of far infrared. Mediumwave infrared heating systems provide a higher heating temperature suitable for harsh winters. However, you have to sit closer to the heater as they are not as efficient at transmitting heat as the far or longwave infrared heaters.

Shortwave or Near-Infrared: This infrared is used by outdoor heating systems. Shortwave infrared radiates intense heat, so it is used in infrared heating systems designed to offer on-demand heating outside when temperature levels drop. However, this type of infrared heating system is not suitable for all-day heating as it can start to feel overbearing soon.

Near-infrared gets easily absorbed by water, and its heat dissipates quickly, so its warming sensation on the body feels shallow.

Model of infrared heating system 

Wall-mounted infrared blackboard heaters work best because they are designed to radiate a larger infrared volume. The larger surface area of infrared mirror heater can heat the space much more efficiently without losing heat to propagate through the air. An infrared heating system uses far-infrared, which offers a much more relaxing heat sensation.

Due to their energy efficiency and use of far infrared, these heaters can work at a lower surface temperature than traditional sauna heaters. The infrared blackboard heater model is cost-effective and energy-efficient to use.


Type of controls 

When buying an infrared blackboard heater for indoor use, you need to ensure that it comes with accessible operation functionalities. The presence of a wireless remote thermostat is a must to control the heater’s temperature without physical touch.

Also, the finish of the product should match your room interiors. There are designer heaters available. Models like an infrared picture heater integrate flawlessly with the aesthetic of indoor spaces. Buy such models to ensure that your infrared heating system does not stand out like an eyesore.


An infrared blackboard heater is an excellent choice for your home. It offers the ability to heat the spaces without using too much electricity or wasting heat. With the availability of designer models, you can use these heaters indoors without worrying about running the aesthetics of the spaces.

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Stay Warm This Winter With an Infrared Space Heater

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The closest thing to winter is an infrared space heater. These space heaters are fully functional to provide warmth to your room space. So, how is it different from regular space heaters? Uses the latest technology to heat the objects in the room. These objects then emit heat and thus keep the room warmer for longer. There is a wide range of space heaters available in the market; You need to choose wisely which one will suit your needs. First, let’s see why infrared Spcae heaters?

Why is infrared space heater good in winter?

Infrared space heater are a great way to keep any space warm. This heating method can help save energy by adding enough heat to your most-used spaces.

Infrared technology was present with us a pretty long time ago, but we never utilized it properly in the way we are doing it in the current era. Objects and human beings tend to absorb the infrared radiations and later on emit that back into the environment. Such phenomena maintain the environment temperature. As the thing radiates infrared radiations, less energy is lost as it remains in the lower half of the room instead of going up towards the ceiling. basically infrared space heaters reduces the heat by 15-20% in the buildings.

The infrared wavelength lies in the electromagnetic spectrum and is visible in red light. It utilizes all modes of heat transfer such as radiation, conduction, convection and absorption.



Now you know how infrared space heaters works good in winter for your home. now here are some basic factors that need be consider while buying infrared heating system.

Parameters to consider while choosing an infrared space heater –

  • Power

Your room size where you want to keep the heater also determines the size of the infrared heaterThe heat produced by these heaters affect the room size they can heat. The heat generated is usually measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). These heaters have BTU output proportional to wattage, ranging between 300-1500 watts. Various heating components are used in these heaters, including quartz carbon and ceramic, which generates infrared rays of excellent efficiency. Usually, blowers or fans are not needed, but they can provide concentrated infrared heat if used.

  • Size

You should keep in mind the square foot area of your room before buying any hybrid infrared heater of a suitable size. As many infrared heaters are designed for less space, their size is also compact and portable. Also, infrared heaters are available for a larger area, but they are also large. Also, infrared heaters are available in both horizontal and vertical shapes. However, many buyers often choose vertical ones as they require less room space.

  • Portability

Usually, people love to shift heaters from one room to other as per their requirements. In such cases, it is better to go with portable heaters. Infrared heaters come in various configurations; they can be mobile or stationary. But the majority of people prefer to have a portable heater. Portable heaters come in different types; some have small handles or caster wheels to drag the equipment. Stationary heaters are usually wall-mounted.

  • Safety

Many accidental incidents can happen because of space heaters; hence buying a safe one is necessary. Therefore look for safety measures present in the heater before buying. Many heaters comprise the casing that is cool to touch, automatic shut-off timer, and overheat control are some of the features you should check in the heater.


Difference between Infrared and Ceramic Space Heaters

While both the heaters are employed to heat the room space, there are a few fundamental differences between the two. Let’s discuss them.

In infrared space heaters, a ray of light of a particular wavelength is generated, which is further absorbed by the objects to feel the warmth. This implies that these space heaters are efficient only when the heat is absorbed by objects present in the vicinity of the heater.

Ceramic heaters are based on the convection process. First, it works through electricity, in which the ceramic component is heated. The heated part then passes the heat to the room air through a fan or radiant principle.


Waves present in infrared heating

Infrared waves are natural light emitted by the sun; it doesn’t contain UV radiations. These waves are usually divided into short-wave, medium-wave, and long-wave.

  • Short-wave infrared produces high-intensity heat and are efficient for outdoors.
  • Through medium-wave infrared, your room space can get heated in half a minute
  • Long-wave infrared can heat the entire room in 5 minutes, and majorly it heats the space around it.


Is it safe to use Infrared Space Heaters?

Yes… Infrared space heaters are completely safe and natural. Human beings have a natural tendency of absorbing infrared and emit it. These rays provide a soothing effect to the body.

So, are you planning to buy infrared space heaters this winter? Well! You can go ahead with these cozy heaters to stay warm and comfortable. Consider the type of heater suitable for your room before buying, as there is wide array of infrared heaters available to fulfill your customized needs.

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