Creating Ambiance and Comfort: The Role of Design in Infrared Picture Heaters

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Infrared picture heaters are revolutionizing the way we think about heating solutions in our homes. Beyond their primary function of providing warmth, these innovative devices also serve as stylish decor pieces, adding ambiance and comfort to any space. Let’s explore how the design of infrared picture heaters plays a pivotal role in enhancing the atmosphere of a room while ensuring optimal heating performance.

Customizable Images: 

One of the standout features of infrared picture heaters is their ability to be customized with images of your choice. Take, for example, the GD-Plus Art series, which offers a range of infrared heaters with an added print option. This means you have the freedom to select any image that resonates with you, whether it’s a cherished photograph of your loved ones or a captivating piece of art. The UV-printed surface ensures a vibrant and elegant design that seamlessly integrates into your home decor, transforming your heating appliance into a personalized masterpiece.

Personalized Prints:

For our European customers, Sun Direct collaborates with a local printing company to offer personalized infrared panels with heat-resistant prints in brilliant colors. Simply send us your favorite image, and we’ll deliver a printed panel customized to your specifications within just two to three weeks from our European warehouse. This level of customization allows you to express your unique style and personality while enjoying the comfort of efficient infrared heating.

Smart Heating Control: 

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the infrared picture heater is equipped with advanced smart heating control capabilities. With a built-in thermostat receiver, it can be wirelessly controlled using Sundirect’s Smart heating control systems. Choose from three options for operating your panel: the battery-operated Smart2.0 controller, the mains/USB-powered Smart2.0Pro controller, or the plug-in thermostat (SmartPlug). Both the Smart2.0Pro and SmartPlug are controllable via an app and compatible with Alexa, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility in managing your heating preferences.

Easy-Fit Mounting Solution:

Designed for hassle-free installation, the frameless infrared panel heater comes with Sundirect’s Easy-Fit mounting solution. Its unique bracket ensures secure mounting on walls, allowing you to effortlessly position your heater for optimal heating performance. Say goodbye to complex installation processes and hello to a sleek and streamlined heating solution that blends seamlessly into any space.


the design of infrared picture heaters goes beyond mere functionality, offering a harmonious blend of style and performance. With customizable images, personalized prints, smart heating control, and easy installation features, these innovative devices elevate the ambiance and comfort of any room while providing efficient and effective heating. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your decor or streamline your heating system with smart technology, infrared picture heaters offer a versatile and stylish solution for modern living.

SundirectCreating Ambiance and Comfort: The Role of Design in Infrared Picture Heaters
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Best Infrared Heaters for Poorly Insulated Buildings

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Whether you want infrared heaters for your residential or commercial building, proper insulation is a must to prevent heat loss. It is common to face problems like cold walls and dampness in the rooms. Insulating your property is a better option, but it’s not always possible. Instead, you can use an infrared heating system that remains unaffected by airflow. There are various types of infrared heaters, like far infrared heat, wall heaters, best infrared panel heaters, etc.

How to choose the best outdoor infrared heaters?

What is an infrared heater?

Have you ever felt warmth after the sun peeks through the cloud? For one moment, it is cold, and in the next second, you are unzipping your woolen clothes, as you feel the warmth like summer season. That is how you will feel through infrared heaters.

These infrared radiations cut down the cold air to make you feel warm. Infrared heaters heat the objects, which further radiates the heat back into the room to maintain its temperature.

Which type of infrared is aptly suitable for you?

Currently, wall or ceiling-mounted infrared heaters are gaining popularity among users. These heaters also come in a picture frame and artwork to make them look like a painting, while others may have four legs to make them portable. These infrared heaters are very lightweight but still can produce heat that can warm-up your room within a few minutes.

Today in this blog, we will discuss all the infrared heaters that can work in your poorly insulated space all year.

Far infrared heaters

Far infrared is a wavelength present in the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body always remains surrounded by infrared radiation, as it absorbs and emits much heat from the sun. All such radiations are harmless.

Far infrared has a long wavelength with low frequency. It implies it transmits a lower level of radiation.Our skin easily absorbs such radiations, quickly transmitting its warmth throughout the body. That makes these heaters more efficient.

Wall heaters

These are electric heaters that provide warmth to the room through infrared radiation. These heaters can be easily mounted on the wall, keeping your room warm without much heat loss. Heat can be sensed quickly as they heat up the objects in the rooms. Some infrared wall heaters have an aesthetic look; hence, apart from heating your body, they provide a seamless look to your room.

These heaters can be controlled through a thermostat or remote control. Hence you can adjust the room temperature right from your chair. These heaters are much better than traditional heaters as they dry out the air, which results in discomfort.

However, you must consider the size of the room, and your ceiling height, as these heaters are not suitable for large rooms and high ceilings.

Picture heaters

Infrared picture heaters can work as a decorative wall pieces in your room. These heaters usually comprise aesthetic pictures on their panel, which can match your room décor. Like any other heaters, these heaters heat objects instead of air, thus keeping the room warm for longer. These heaters work as a consistent heat source compared to their traditional counterpart.

These heaters are a good choice for homeowners who want to heat their poorly insulated buildings. Also, these heaters are available in various sizes and shapes and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. However, you must ensure that the heaters are mounted and insulated properly, and it will be better if professionals do such electrical work.

Portable heaters

It is important to know your room size before buying any heater. This portable heater is also gaining popularity because of its efficient heating and small size. These heaters have wheels and safety features like tip-over protection and an automatic shut-off timer. These heaters also come with a remote control. That implies you can control the temperature right by sitting on your chair.

Dual Zone heaters

This heater comes with two zones, one for the whole room and the other for personal-zone heating. You can choose the mode based on the situation. If you are the only person in the room, you can go with personal-zone heating mode, while if you want to heat the entire room, then whole-room heating is preferable. This heater has an LED display that automatically switches off after 20 seconds. This feature is especially good when turning the lights off at night.


While keeping your home well insulated is challenging, it’s better to buy infrared heaters that can give you the desired warmth even in poorly insulated conditions. All the heaters mentioned above are capable of heating your poorly insulated buildings. Buy the one which matches your need and check the reviews and ratings of the customers before finalizing the product. Also, you must check the heater’s size and compare it with your room to get the perfect one.

SundirectBest Infrared Heaters for Poorly Insulated Buildings
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Why Should You Prefer Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Heating?

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The heat produced by infrared heaters is quite comparable to that produced by the sun. Because it is outside of the visible spectrum, infrared light is invisible. Your skin, clothing, and other items absorb the heat from an infrared heater. Because the shade takes off a lot of light, direct sunlight is warmer than indirect sunlight. Therefore, infrared heaters in your house will only warm the regions directly in front of them. Moreover, you can acquire an Outdoor Infrared Heater to experience various benefits.

Because infrared heaters come in such a wide range of specs, it’s difficult to make broad statements about them. Electricity, natural gas, or propane can all power infrared heaters. The maximum output levels, settings, and designs of various heaters will differ.

infrared outdoor heaters

Why Infrared Heaters is best for Outdoor Heating? 

Infrared Heating Systems are the best option for providing much further warmth for your patio. Infrared replicates the ambient heat of the sun, delivering fast-acting warmth that is immediately assimilated by people and surfaces, providing a delicate accompaniment to those pleasant summer nights. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and safe for the planet, and because these heaters have customizable thermostat settings, your patio may get a new lease on life by being enjoyable to use all year. So, why are Infrared Heating more efficient than any other heating systems? To understand this you have to familiarise yourself with the various benefits this product has. Here are some of the benefits you can acquire from using an infrared heater.

  • They work silently

Because they don’t utilize a fan and instead radiate light, infrared space heaters are completely silent. They’re ideal for low-noise areas like bedrooms. Heat is transmitted uniformly by wrapping hot coils around the heat source. A polished metal reflects the heat, extending it for several yards and providing a soothing, comforting source of warmth.

Infrared Picture Heaters are also “healthier” than other types of heaters because they do not lower the amount of humidity or oxygen in the space. Other heaters might produce static electricity and dry up your sinuses and skin. You may experience the advantages of natural sunshine without the harmful uv radiation since these heaters provide the same sort of heat as the sun.

  • Cost Effective Process 

This type of heating system does not pollute the air in your room. In their functioning, there is no carbon combustion, harmful byproducts, open flames, or fuel lines. Infrared heaters do not add something to the air and do not take anything away from the air.

You don’t spend energy heating a full room since they just warm certain regions and things. There’s no need to pre-heat a space because these heaters begin operating immediately. Some only need 300 watts of energy, and practically all of the heat produced is transported out, resulting in extremely efficient heating at a cheap cost.

  • Minimal cost on maintenance

Infrared heaters have a very low maintenance need. Because there are no mechanical devices, there is no need to replace air filters or lubricate the system. To maintain your unit running well, all you must do is clean the reflectors on a regular basis. Hence, you save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance. They are therefore quite affordable and will enable you to make substantial long-term savings. So, keep yourself warm during the cold weather and save your money by acquiring an Infrared Heating System.

  • Immediately stops heating when you shut it off

Infrared heaters start emitting heat as soon as you switch it on. But, they cease emitting heat as soon as you shut it off. The space will lose heat fast since the air is not actually warm. An oil-filled heater, on the other hand, will continue to warm well after you turn the heater off. This happens because it requires effort for the warm oil to cool down.

Because infrared heaters consume less energy, they may still be a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution, especially if you don’t need to heat a space for extended periods of time.

  • Superior efficiency

When you use heaters outside, convection heaters are ineffective because they simply heat the surrounding air. Thus, this means that the warmth they provide can easily blow away by wind before it reaches you. This is not an issue with Infrared Glass Heater since they give a more robust warmth that feeds you directly. Moreover, it does not get disrupted by air movement. As a consequence, You do not lose energy needlessly when heating your garden or patio. Thus, this is why these heaters are much more effective and efficient in outdoor environments. You will experience a much safer, mild, and long-lasting warmth. Thus, you can enjoy a longer time outside without worrying about growing expenses even after you turn it off.

Hence, these are the benefits of using an Infrared Heater. So, these benefits are the reason why you should acquire an Infrared Heater to keep yourself warm.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters for Gardens & Patio area

The patio and the garden can be heated using infrared energy, which offers efficient and effective heating both inside and outside the house. Instead of an infrared panel, patio heaters that use strong, shortwave infrared heat are needed for outdoor settings. These heaters will provide quick, consistent warmth that will balance the outside temperatures, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits even during the winter time.

SundirectWhy Should You Prefer Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Heating?
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