The Advantages of Using an Infrared Space Heater in Your Home

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Human society has always tried to find safer and more secure solutions for bringing comfort within the walls of their homes. Everyone wants to create a compost and conducive aura in the house where every member can live healthy and heartily. Therefore, multiple appliances are now an invincible part of many homes to endorse an effortless lifestyle. For example, infrared radiation is actively used in a smart infrared space heater.

Infrared as the new mode of heating

Infrared space heaters are heating systems used indoors and outdoors to elevate the warmth of a particular area, focusing the heat on people and items there. This heat transmission is through radiation, just like the light energy from the sun. But, these radiations are invisible to human eyes because of their high wavelengths.

Infrared heaters are of three types depending upon the wavelengths of the radiations emitted. Near-infrared heaters, medium infrared heaters, and a far infrared space heater are the three types of heaters available. These are silent, dust-proof, and cost-effective solutions to design your homes. Plus, they add to the overall beauty of the space with their simple designs.

The advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters vary depending on the type of material used and the wavelengths it works upon.

Benefits of Installing an Infrared Heater in Your Room

Using an infrared space heater for your home can offer several advantages. Conventional heaters were quite heavy and difficult to handle. And they released carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air, creating pollution and allergic reactions.

Energy-efficient: Infrared space heaters have high energy efficiency. They can convert all the energy they consume into heat. As a result, there is minimal wastage compared to traditional heaters.

Cost-effective: These are affordable and reliable options for creating a conducive environment. As they have high energy efficiency, they can warm up a room more quickly and maintain a constant temperature, reducing the need for prolonged use and resulting in minimum electric charges. In addition, they need very little maintenance costs.

Instant heat production: Infrared heaters emit radiation, warming every object and individual directly in their way. Therefore, you get instant heat without waiting for long. Further, this direct heating method gives faster comfort compared to traditional heaters that work on convection.

Zonal heating: Modern infrared heaters ideally work for zonal heating. It focuses on a particular area instead of warming the entire room. Moreover, this targeted heating allows a reduction in energy consumption without wasting it on unoccupied spaces.

No noise: Infrared heaters are calm and compact. It means they operate silently because they don’t rely on a fan to spread the heat. Thus, you can concentrate on your work or enjoy time with friends in a quiet environment.

Air enhancement: Traditional heaters worked on fuel burning and released many byproducts into the air. Infrared heaters can operate without combustion. Therefore, they don’t produce dust, allergens, or dry air. Indoor air quality is pure and breathable. The heat removes the dampness of the rooms and enhances the air quality for people having asthma.

Additional benefits

Portable: Many infrared space heaters are light in weight and have sleek designs. Therefore, you can easily pick them up and place them in a different room, providing heat customisation. Additionally, these portable infrared heater panel has in-built adjustable heat settings and timers, giving you greater control over the temperature and operation.

Versatile: These infrared heaters are compatible for indoor and outdoor uses. Plus, they have customisation options for creating a comfortable, convenient, and compact heating solution for rooms and gardens.

Safe and secure: These modern infrared heaters have multiple internal mechanisms to ensure customer-friendly working and safety features like tip-over protection, overheating shut-off, motion sensors, voice commands, and more. These features ensure safety and give users peace of mind while using the heaters.

Recent infrared heaters are designed to adjust with solar panels. Thus, even if there is no electricity, the heater will warm your home using solar energy.

Points to keep in mind

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, clear the spaces if there is an obstruction in the way of heat waves, keep your distance from combustible materials, and never leave the heater unattended or operating while you are not in the room or asleep.

They save time, money, and effort. Plus, they supplement other decor items in your home. Thus, you do not have to compromise with the design of your space. Some of the benefits help you select one for your interiors.


To conclude, one must know the specifications and boundaries of various infrared heating systems. Additionally, some heaters emit a combination of infrared wavelengths, providing a broader heating spectrum. Therefore, people should select an infrared heater following their specific heating needs, desired heating effects, and the small or large-scale application to buy the best. Every heating system has advantages and disadvantages, but the selection is up to you. Consider your space, people, intention, and budget constraints before investing.

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Infrared Space Heater – Convenient, Energy Efficient and Incredibly Useful

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We are always looking for ways to keep our home warm during the cold winter days. A warm home feels comfortable. A heater is much needed in a cold region country. And so it is important to buy a good heater.

Infrared space heaters are a good option if you want to warm your living space. It not only adds enough heat to most of your places of use but also helps you save energy. These heaters are perfect for open living spaces, family rooms and insulated garages. In this blog, you will get to know about the benefits, key features, care tips and best usage.

Benefits of Infrared Space Heaters

Infrared space heater is energy efficient when compared to other space heaters. They are capable of utilizing all of the produced heat. Hence, it keeps heat loss to a minimum when it comes down to zone heating at a low cost. In sharp contrast to other supplemental heating infrared heaters, deter from heating the air. Instead, they focus on emitting infrared radiation, which warms the objects that it touches.  It implies that there is a natural feeling of warmth from the heat produced by an infrared space heater.

This type of heater don’t circulate a huge volume of air around. Therefore, it deters from drying the air when compared with a forced-air heating system. Moreover, they are much safer when compared to different kinds of space heaters, as the coils for heating do not get overheated.

The efficiency of an infrared space heater depends on its engineering and construction. You have to ascertain how much you use it in coordination with different heating sources in your home.

Different Kinds of Far Infrared Space Heaters

In contemporary times, there are three kinds of far infrared space heater.

  • Electrical infrared fireplaces freestanding
  • Heating systems combined with infrared capability, which are compact heaters.
  • Portable Infrared heaters that are easy to relocate.

It is important to keep in mind that although fireplace styles can render an attractive aesthetic to your space they can be very heavy and difficult to relocate.

Important Key Features

  • An easy to control built-in thermostat
  • A fan
  • Quartz Bulb (make sure to have one with long life as the replacement bulbs are expensive and it can be hard to find one)
  • Cool exterior
  • It must have a heating capacity that fits your area. Some heaters can heat 1000 sq. ft or more
  • Tipping resistant durable design
  • Swiveling wheels
  • A reliable refund and return policy

Although it is not mandatory, there are heaters, which are provided additional features like silent fans, a built-in humidifier, and an air filter.

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Things to avoid

Do not trust the tall claims of heaters that assures of raising humidity levels. Infrared heaters cannot be a replacement for a humidifier. You need to understand that infrared heaters when compared to forced air heating are more efficient in preventing air dryness. Moreover, it is better to stay away from heaters that do not possess thermostatic control as the absence of temperature-regulating features can cost you more money.

Price Ranges

In European areas, infrared space heaters and portable infrared heaters generally range from €400 to €500.

It will be wrong to perceive that higher prices of infrared heating system as a guarantee of improved energy savings. Prices may often surge due to an increase in demand or limited stocks. Construction, features, and heating technology tend to vary among infrared heating models and consumers must compare heaters for getting the optimum value for your investment.

Infrared Heater usage and Care Tips

If you have, big units of 1500 watts or more then make sure to connect it to an outlet socket of 20 amps or more. However, if you have a 15-amp circuit then you need to make sure that it is dedicated only to the heater.  Suppose you are having a heater of 1500 watts. It will draw around 12.5 amps of power. Hence, a 15-amp power outlet will always have the risk of overloading particularly if you are running other electrical appliances out of it.

You must frequently check the temperature sensors and clean the heating elements. Other maintenance tasks for your infrared heating system include cleaning for dust and making sure the heating elements are clean. Even though it may seem like a lot of work, performing maintenance makes sure that your costly infrared heating system operates as efficiently as possible and extends its life so that you it gives a long service life.

Contemporary models of infrared heaters come with an added guard of cool-to-touch exteriors. Thus, it will be safe to use if you are having young children and pets around.  If you install portable infrared panel heaters then make sure to remove all clutter from the space so that the heat radiation can be dispersed throughout the room. Make sure to remove away items like papers, magazines, clothing, and other similar items from the heater.                             

SundirectInfrared Space Heater – Convenient, Energy Efficient and Incredibly Useful
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