10 apartment house project heated by Sundirect

Property Apartment building
Location Czech Republic
Heated area About 500 square meters
Heaters In total 95PCS Sundirect infrared panel heaters
Heating capacity 21.6kW
Mounting type wall and ceiling mounted
Heating purpose 10 apartments in one building  heated by Sundirect infrared panel
Installer/dealer Xenylla s.r.o.
Background of project and testimonial

This apartment building project was realized at the beginning of 2017 with Sundirect infrared heating panels. The whole project covers around 500 square meters including a public area and 10 apartments. The building is insulated well and in total 21.6kW of heaters were installed. After the first winter season, the feedback is very good from the owner of the building, they are very satisfied with the comfortable heat and high energy efficiency our infrared heaters bring.

sundirectApartment building, Czech Republic