Far Infrared Space Heater – SC series

The stylish and innovative Sundirect Space Heating Series is specifically designed to heat large rooms and shielded outdoor areas such as reception areas, shops, hotels, churches, restaurants, bars, public halls, patios, terraces etc. Due to its high surface temperature, the infrared radiation is more efficient and can reach a distance of up to 4m heating up rooms very quickly. It takes less than 5 minutes to reach the maximum surface temperature. Its high-temperature iron chromium aluminium emitter operates at a surface temperature of 300-350°C. The SC series does not emit any glow, it is maintenance free, and it is the ideal solution to replace quartz and halogen heaters. The SC series comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Slim design with a high quality extruded anodised aluminium body.
  • Heats quicker and reaches longer distances.
  • No red glow
  • Wall/Ceiling mounting
  • CE, RoHS, IPX4

Model Range

Model Size Power Mounting Heated Area
SC1800 105x15x6.3cm 1800W Wall/Ceiling 8-12m²
SC2400 135x15x6.3cm 2400W Wall/Ceiling 13-18m²

sundirectSC-series – Far Infrared Space Heater