Heating Comfort. Enjoy the warm and cosy feeling of our infrared heaters for ceiling and wall Design Infrared
Bathroom Heater.
Get the feeling and elegant design of a spa in your own home.
The Art Of Heating. Combine beauty and function with our infrared picture heater. Smart Infrared
Heating thermostat
A powerful, smart and efficient indoor and outdoor heating solution.

Sundirect Infrared Panels are the best heating solution for your home, they will help you and your family stay warm without the great expense. Infrared heaters are considered the best energy-efficient heating solutions. They don’t waste energy, and heat is not retained in the air, but in the structure of a living space, which allows infrared heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature. An infrared panel will help you achieve a healthy heat at an affordable price. Sundirect panels are a 100% safe and healthy heating system option that does not produce any carbon monoxide. You can mount your innovative heating panel on a wall or ceiling, therefore, saving floor space. Full control of your indoor or outdoor infrared heating system is available with Wi-Fi capability. These quality heating panels have health benefits and perfectly fit in yoga studios, homes, or any other residential or commercial properties.

Smart Heating Thermostats

To get the most comfortable heating experience having control is key. The Sundirect smart heating thermostats are the first ever control systems specifically designed for infrared heaters. With our smart thermostats you can now take full control of our Plus range heating panels and proactively save energy with our unique advanced features.

Smart1.0 is a battery operated programmable wireless thermostat.Smart1.0

Smart1.0 Pro is a wired version Wifi-enabled wireless thermostat.Smart1.0 Pro

Smart Plug is a plug-in version Wifi-enabled wireless thermostat.Smart Plug


The easy and cost-effective way for you to control heating an area is with the SUNDIRECT smart application. This Wi-Fi heating control allows you to further your energy savings by up to 10%


Save energy and money with our infrared panels

“Alexa, turn heating on”

Control your wireless infrared
panel via Alexa.

It has never been easier to control heating and at the same time save energy and money. Now you can
instantly connect the wireless Sundirect infrared panel with the Alexa voice service. Just tell Alexa your desired temperature, sit back, and relax in the comfortable warmth of your home.

Case Studies

Spa and Wellness Studio

The wellness body treatment studio CRYOLIFE is a modern spa situated in the center of Prague, Czech Republic.

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Kastl shop

The Kastl shop is in beautiful old town Innsbruck in Austria. There was no central heating system installed in this historical building.

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New renovate house in Slovenia

The owners of a house Slovenia decided to renovate and make the modern property. Owner of the shop asked SUNDIRECT for help.

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Guida all’acquisto del riscaldatore a infrarossi per esterni: Scegliere quello giusto

Avere un bello spazio all’aperto per rilassarsi, intrattenersi, trascorrere del tempo con i propri cari e persino gustare un buon pasto è un’ottima aggiunta a qualsiasi casa o proprietà commerciale. È meglio trascorrere del tempo all’aperto quando il tempo è bello, ma il freddo può essere fastidioso durante i mesi invernali. Quindi non è possibile

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