Infrared Picture Heater

The Plus Art series includes infrared panel heaters from our PE-, IC- and GD-Plus ranges with an added print. You have the option to customize your infrared picture heater with any print of your choice or chose from a selection of standard prints. The UV printed surface offers a unique and elegant design that seamlessly integrates into your home with a picture of your loved ones or a beautiful art print.

For our European customers, Sundirect now works with a local printing company to offer personalised infrared panels with a heat-resistant print in brilliant colours. Send us your favourite image and we will deliver your printed panel within only two weeks from our European warehouse. Please note that only GD-Plus Art is available from Europe, PE-Plus ART and IC-Plus Art can only be delivered from China.

All controls are covered with a 2-year warranty and the panels with a 5-year warranty.


  • Customisable printed surface
  • Available with glass, powder coated steel or aluminium surface
  • Built-in thermostat receiver
  • CE/GS/SAA/ErP/RED certified

Built-in Thermostat Receiver

The Sundirect Plus Art series has a built-in thermostat receiver on the backside of the panel, which communicates with our Smart heating control systems – Smart1.0/ Smart1.0 Pro. As a combo, it is fully compliant with the ErP regulation (Eco Design directive) of the EU. We also offer a bypass mode on our receiver, which allows you to connect to your own building management systems if available.

Learn more about the ErP regulation

Discover more about our Smart Heating controls: Smart1.0, Smart1.0 Pro

Model Range

ModelPowerSizeWeight MountingHeated Area
GD400-Plus Art400W66*66cm12.4Kgwall4-8m²
GD600-Plus Art600W60*100cm16.4Kgwall6-12m²
GD800-Plus Art800W70*130cm24.1Kgwall8-16m²
PE350-Plus Art*350W60*60cm4.1Kgwall/ceiling3-7m²
PE380-Plus Art*380W30*120cm4.3Kgwall/ceiling3-7m²
PE540-Plus Art*540W60*90cm6.0Kgwall/ceiling5-11m²
PE700-Plus Art*700W60*120cm7.8Kgwall/ceiling7-14m²
PE1000-Plus Art*1000W85*120cm11.4Kgwall/ceiling10-20m²
IC400-Plus Art*400W60*60cm8.0Kgwall/ceiling3-7m²
IC700-Plus Art*700W62*98cm13.8Kgwall/ceiling7-14m²
IC900-Plus Art*900W68*123cm18.0Kgwall/ceiling9-18m²
IC1100-Plus Art*1100W63*153cm20Kgwall/ceiling11-22m²

*Only available from our factory in China directly

Works With


Wireless Thermostat

Smart1.0 Pro

Wireless Wifi Thermostat


Steel Stand Feet

Sundirect_TeamPlus Art series – Infrared Picture Heater