How do I know which infrared heater I need?

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During winter season, the first thing which comes in our mind is the infrared heater. This device allows you to get a pleasant atmosphere at home. But which infrared to choose is the biggest challenge in front of many consumers. There are various factors which you need to consider while buying the best heater which can meet your requirements.

There are various types of infrared heaters available in the markets; you need to take the decision cautiously, as not all heaters can give you the desired heat.

Things to consider in infrared heating system

  • Safety Features

Please check the safety features of different brands. The safety measures of your infrared heater should match with the other heating appliances of your home to avoid improper operation of your heater. If sign of safety measures is absent on heater, then inquire about the same with the dealer or else you can check the manual to know the same.

Your heater must have anti-tip shutoff and timer. This will minimize the risk of overheating and fire hazards.

  • Portability

While choosing any heater for your home, you must check its portability for your convenience. This factor becomes more significant when you frequently wish to move your heater from one room to another.

Your heater must have insulated handles for easy shifting. If you are not looking for portable heater, then go with the heater which can provide right temperature to your entire room.

  • Usability and Functionality

You must consider the additional features of the infrared heater. You can look for the heaters which operate with remote, so that you can maintain the room temperature right from the comfort zone of your chair. For such purpose you can go with wireless remote thermostat. Also, you can look for the heating settings, to enjoy the most favorable temperature controls and can save some bucks in your electricity bills.

Which Infrared Heater is best for me?

Mainly there are three categories of infrared: Commercial heaters, infrared panels and patio heaters. Below is the short overview of each heater which you can choose based on the space availability:

  • Infrared panels: Excellent for domestic space with standard ceiling height and interior. These heaters are also good for homes, bars, pubs, hotels and offices. These heaters are also perfect for bathrooms.
  • Commercial heaters: These heaters heat up a large area and can be mounted on wall or ceiling for a discreet fitting. You can go with such heaters to get gentle warmth.
  • Patio heaters: These heaters can keep you warm when you want to sit in outdoor area of your home. As per the warmth they provide, you can use such heaters to enjoy instant heat, or can be employed for complete home heating in covered areas.

Which Infrared heater size will be best for me?

You need to consider the heater wattage and the heating space of your home to know the best heater for your home. If you are unable to find the heater of exact wattage you required, you can look for the next size up to ensure that the product will surely meet your comfort requirements. Never go with under power heaters, as such product will spend more time in heating and it will be laborious for it to heat the space. This will waste your money and minimize the lifespan of the heater.

For commercial buildings with high ceilings like industrial units, churches, leisure center you can go with ceramic heaters. Usage of multiple heaters in large space is also a good idea to maintain the comfort.

Does the position of infrared indoor heater matter?

Heater installation is also a major decision. You can keep the heater near your seating area to get the direct heat from it. You can also install them on the ceilings, so that the entire heat will be directed downwards and will provide you completely unobstructed warmth. If ceiling installation is not possible you can go with wall mount. Ensure the heat radiations are not directly faced by your furniture or any other object. Otherwise they will absorb the heat more rather than your body.


You must check the size, power and installation place of the infrared heating system before actually buying it for your home. All these factors matter a lot in room heating. You can calculate your room size and check the wattage of the heater to get an idea about the area which the heater will cover. In current era, most of the consumers prefer to have infrared heaters because of their wide array of benefits over the traditional heaters. Unlike conventional heaters, these infrared heaters never heat up the air; instead they heat up the object that comes in its path. Thus these heated objects again emit heat in the air to keep the room warm for longer duration.



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