Infrared Office Heaters: The Key to an Efficient Work Environment

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A good work climate contributes to a successful company. If during wintertime, your employees argue over room temperature because one is too cold and the other too warm, it will reflect in the work climate. Those heating with convectors know the problem of dry hot air making us tired and lethargic and workers becoming more inefficient. But how can you counteract these problems? With infrared office heaters! Whether as a main or additional heating, ceiling heating or desk heating, infrared heating system create the perfect working climate in offices!

Innovative Solution for Heatng : Infrared Office Heaters


Dry hot air not only makes you tired and sluggish, dries out your eyes and mucous membranes, but is the perfect breeding ground for viruses and germs. If the humidity in a room is too low, workers will get sick more often. With infrared heaters as the main heating system, you can create the perfect working atmosphere which in effect will make your employees not only more efficient but also more content. Infrared heaters do not warm the air, but walls, objects and bodies in the room directly. This maintains the humidity in the room and keeps the air cool. But your employees will still feel warm.

Infrared heaters can be mounted directly above work stations or desks on the ceiling and thus take away no space in the room. Sundirect’s infrared ceiling heater can be integrated into grid ceilings and is thus completely invisible or can be mounted to any type of ceiling using a bracket. Also, you can create zones that are heated when an employee at his desk and not heated when he is e.g. on vacation. At the same time, the employee himself can switch the heating on and off depending on his own sense of comfort without arguing with colleagues. These heat zones not only make your employees happy but also save energy at the same time.

Warm up the Workplace with Infrared desk heating and ceiling heating 


There are two options: infrared desk heating or infrared ceiling heating. The Sundirect desk heater fits perfectly under any desk, can be mounted to the desk or a wall, or used with stand feet. If it is cold in your office, even when the heating is turned on, you can use an infrared heater as additional heating. Whether in home offices or open space offices, Sundirect’s desk heater is the perfect solution for cold feet. Infrared ceiling heaters can also be used as additional heating. This solution is ideal if your existing heating solution is not strong enough or if you want to use infrared heaters in the spring or autumn when your regular heater might not be required yet.

Create the perfect working environment for you and your employees with Sundirect infrared heaters. Contact to our dealers today for a detailed consultation.

SundirectInfrared Office Heaters: The Key to an Efficient Work Environment

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