Infrared heating in new buildings: what are the costs?

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Infrared heaters are known for creating a pleasant indoor climate. Nevertheless, there are still prejudices against this technology, since heating with electricity for a long time was regarded as inefficient and expensive. We will show you how high the costs in a new building really are including investment costs, consumption costs and operating costs and what other advantages infrared heating offers in new buildings.

Cost of infrared heating in new buildings compared to gas heating


The initial cost of Sundirect infrared heaters is particularly low and can amount to just under 3000€ in a newly built home with 120sqm. With infrared heaters, you have no operational costs because you do not have to spend money on annual maintenance or upkeep. You can really Save Money with Infrared Heating System. But how high are the consumption costs of infrared heating in new buildings? After all, electricity is expensive, isn’t it?

We have calculated how much all the costs sum up to, including purchasing costs, consumption costs and maintenance costs over 20 years for infrared heaters, infrared heaters in conjunction with photovoltaic systems and power storage and gas heaters and compared the three. The comparison shows that gas heaters are the most expensive. The calculation is based on a well-insulated home of 120 sqm. The cheapest solution over 20 years turns out to be infrared heaters in conjunction with a photovoltaic system. This solution is not only a cost-effective option, but it also reduces CO2 emissions. Infrared heaters do not generate CO2, and solar energy makes the technology even more environmentally friendly. But even using infrared heaters alone is worthwhile, although the savings are lower compared to using it with solar energy. However, heating with infrared offers many other advantages over fossil fuels.

How Much does Infrared Heating cost ?

cost comparison

5 Advantages of infrared heating in new buildings


1. Easy and fast installation: Infrared heater can be mounted within 15 minutes. There are different options avaliable for choosing infrared heaters. Some are infrared mirror heater , picture panel , blackboard heater and so on. All you need is an electrician possibly for electrical connections if you hardwire the heater – work that can be completed within a few hours for the entire house.

2. More Space: Infrared heaters are narrow heaters that can be installed on walls or ceilings and become almost invisible without taking away valuable space in your living spaces. But more importantly, you do not need to plan in extra room for any boiler or storage of fuel or wood. You can use your space in a more meaningful way to you e.g. as a hobby room.

3. Pleasant heat: Infrared heaters do not heat the air but objects. This radiant heat is perceived by humans and animals as more pleasant than convection heat and has positive effects on our health.

4. Low Cost: Infrared heaters have a particularly low purchasing cost and absolutely no operating costs, i.e. no costs for maintenance, etc. The consumption costs of an infrared heater in new buildings are particularly low.

5. Environmentally friendly: Infrared heaters emit no CO2 and together with electricity from renewable energies are an environmentally friendly alternative. A purely self-sufficient electrical solution (photovoltaic, infrared heating and storage system) is in the vast majority of cases, even more, cost-effective than a heating solution of conventional type.


Consult with a Sundirect dealer close to you and optimize your well-being and make your own personal contribution to reducing global warming and CO2 emissions. Enjoy modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly heating with Sundirect’s infrared heaters in your new home!

SundirectInfrared heating in new buildings: what are the costs?

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