Outdoor Infrared Heater – OC Series

The OC Series represents powerful outdoor heaters offered exclusively by Sundirect and is designed for outdoor heating only.

White panel heaters – PE Serie

PE series is the white framed infrared panel heater, designed for both wall and ceiling mounting. 270W|350W|540W|700W|1000W


Frameless infrared heaters–IC Serie

The premium white frameless infrared heating panel wit its easy-fit mounting is simple to install to walls and ceilings…

Glass panel heater- GD series

GD series is the frameless glass infrared heater. Designed for wall mounting. 350W|500W|700W


Mirror panel heater- MD series

MD series is the frameless mirror infrared heater. Designed for wall mounting. 350W|500W|700W

Round panel heater- RC Series

Sundirect RC Series has a special round design using a white steel surface or mirror surface.

Infrared picture heater- ART Series

Sundirect Art heating Series is a printed version of the PE and GD model.


Far infrared space heater- SC series

This high power far infrared space heater is designed to heat large rooms, open areas and can be used outdoors.

Sundirect IC150 is the mini version of IC series.

Far infrared desk heater- IC150

Sundirect IC150 is the mini version of IC series.


Ceiling mounting set- BC002

Using the ceiling mounting set BC002 enables you to hang the panel up to 1m below the ceiling.

Ceiling mounting bracket- BC003

The ceiling mounting bracket guarantees easy installation for PE panels.

Towel rail- TR001/TR002

TR001/TR002 is made of stainless steel and acts as an optional accessory for the glass and mirror heater.


Aluminum feet stand designed for our PE series – BS003

BS003 is a white feet stand made of aluminium and is specially designed for our PE series.


Steel feet stand designed for all models except RC- BS004

BS004 is the white steel feet stand, it was designed for fit all the models expect the round heaterRC series.

Thermostat- SD-T4001

SD-T4001 acts as a basic plug-in thermostat.

Thermostat- SD-T4002

SD-T4002 acts as a programmable digital thermostat.

Thermostat- SD-T4003

SD-T4003 acts as a combination of the basic plug-in version together with a remote control.

Thermostat- SD-T4004

SD-T4004 acts as a combination of a box receiver and a wireless remote control.